Border City Squares

Club Callers and Cuers

Dates Caller Cuer
March 2006 - Present Jay Silva None
February 2004 - March 2006 Patty Greene Phil Gatchell
January 2003 - February 2004 Patty Greene None
September 2001 - April 2003 Ed Renauld Corinne Renauld
January 2001 - July 2001 Jerry Maurice None
May 1995 - December 2000 Ed Renauld Corinne Renauld
September 1991 - May 1995 Ray Aubut None
1967 - 1968   Jim & Polly Floyd
September 1965 - April 1991 Eddie Mayall  
October 1962 - April 1965 Mal 'Yikes' Cameron
His very first class and
until he left for college!
September 1961 - October 1962 Ed Ross Smith None
September 1957 - April 1961 Jim Mayo None


Mal 'Yikes' Cameron's first Square Dance Class Graduation

"History of the Border City Squares"
From the Graduation Program Handout, Class of 1963, March 5, 1963

      Square Dancing in this area started back in the Fall of '57 by Jim Mayo sending out letters to individual couples and having them bring along some friends to try a free night of square dancing. He taught a series of 12 lessons. There were only six couples graduated. After graduation we held small dances in the Unitarian Church Hall. Our group was small but we decided to try and form a club. We selected our officers and got the ball rolling. We got together and decided on a name for the club "Border City Squares". We also made up a set of By Laws. After this we started planning on how to get a new class started. We had fliers made up, advertising a free night of square dancing and also had bumper stickers made with "Square Dance for Fun," written on them. We went up to the Nashua Drive-in one night and passed these out. As a result of this and by bringing some of our friends in we got a class started. There was a group from Hollis who came in with us. We graduated a large class. From then on we held Club dances and each Fall we would start a new class. Our club Caller from 1957 to 1961 was Jim Mayo. We had a good time with Jim and we were sorry to see him leave. Our next club Caller was Ed Ross Smith followed by our own one and only "Yikes."

      This class that is graduating tonight will be our fifth class that has graduated since we formed the club back in '58. We all had fun and enjoy square dancing for that is what square dancing is for, Fun. We hope that you new members will have lots of it.


Club Officers

(July - June)
President Vice President Treasurer Club Chairperson Class Chairperson Banner Chairperson Publicity Chairperson Secretary
2010 Chris Howard Mary Jo Cannarella & Kathy Butt Bob Baker Theresa Evans & Rich Rowell Roberto & Patti Alm Kathi Butt Ralph Barraclough Julie Griffin & Barbara Barraclough
2009 Ken Peabody & Cheryl Imbody Mary Jo Cannarella & Kathy Butt Bob Baker Chris Howard & Linda and Sam Leibig Cheryl Imbody & Ken Peabody Kathi Butt Ralph Barraclough Barbara Barraclough & Julie Griffin
2008-2009 Suzanne Finer & Mary Jo Cannarella Bob Baker Ken Peabody Anne Spooner Cheryl Imbody Ellie Morrill Ralph Barraclough Barbara Barraclough
2007-2008 Debbie White (until September), Deane Clarke Deane Clarke Bob Baker Steve White (until September), Andy & Kolene Allan Ralph & Barbara Barraclough Suzanne Finer Scott Henderson Bob Baker
2006-2007 Sharon Ravan Bob Baker Deane Clarke & Eric Magrath Anne-Marie Boucher Eric Magrath & Deane Clarke Tammy Doris Scott Henderson Kathi Butt
2005-2006 Chris Howard Debbie White Deane Clarke & Bob Baker Steve White Marie Mullins & Norm Gentry
Deane Clarke & Eric Magrath
Kathi Butt Eric Magrath Anne-Marie Boucher
2004-2005 Chris Howard Debbie (Coit) White Anne-Marie Boucher Steve White Sharon Ravan & Scott Henderson Tammy Doris Bob Baker Kathi Butt
2003-2004 Debbie Coit Bruce Roberts Anne-Marie Boucher Chris Howard Steve White Harli (Thoene) Webb Skip Guild Kathi Butt
2002-2003 Debbie Coit
(Amy Bollenbach
resigned 7/20)
Debbie Coit Kathi Butt Cheryl Palucchi & Anne-Marie Boucher Dave & Mary Raymond Harli Thoene Skip Guild Cecila Kendig & Paula Finamore
2001-2002 Chris & Norma Howard Debbie Coit Dave & Mary Raymond Penny & Skip Guild Anne & Bill Parke Wayne & Priscilla Griffin Steve O'Neil Cheryl Palucchi
2000-2001 Bob Baker Wayne & Priscilla Griffin Dave & Mary Raymond Chris & Norma Howard Bill & Vivian Thompson Steve & Lorri Wurtler
(Roberta Blais-booster)
None (Christensen's resigned in Sep) Cheryl Palucchi
1999-2000 Wayne & Priscilla Griffin Debbie Coit Jack & Sandy Presley Buster & Della Crawford Celeste Breton Steve & Lorri Wurtler
(Roberta Blais-booster)
Chris & Norma Howard (Hal Kelley - Media) Preston Walsh
1998-1999 Wayne & Priscilla Griffin Debbie Coit Penny & Skip Guild Bill & Vivian Thompson Steve & Lorri Wurtler Bruce Williams
(Roberta Blais-booster)
Chris & Norma Howard (Hal Kelley - Media) Preston Walsh
1997-1998 Chris & Norma Howard Ed Renauld Penny & Skip Guild Bill & Louise Mattson April Duncan & Fred Manheck Alice Renauld
(Roberta Blais-booster)
Hal Kelley - Media
Paul Fortier
Vivian Thompson - newsletter
Nancy Merrill & Jean Sullivan
1996-1997 Chris & Norma Howard Penny & Skip Guild Leo & Connie Ouellette Anne Reczko Bill & Louise Mattson (Rejean Sheehy resigned Feb)
Chris & Norma Howard
(Roberta Blais-booster)
Hal Kelley - Media
Dave & Diane Carlson-Newsletter
Alice Renauld
1995-1996 Bill & Vivian Thompson Penny & Skip Guild Leo & Connie Ouellette Anne Reczko Chris & Norma Howard Bob & Jeanne Corriveau
(Roberta Blais-booster)
Marge Fraser
(Hal Kelley - Media)
Dan Gleneck
1994-1995 Penny & Skip Guild   Bill & Vivian Thompson   Paul & Aline Fortier Roland & Evelyn Michaud
(Roberta Blais-booster)
(Hal Kelley - Media)  
1993-1994 Penny & Skip Guild   Rejean Sheehy   Bill & Vivian Thompson Silvia Reitano &
Bruce Williams
(Roberta Blais-booster)
(Hal Kelley - Media) Burns Fisher
1992-1993 Mark & Janet Kenna Joe & Janet Chaput Bob & Connie Smith Open Bill & Vivian Thompson Ed Colbert & Sue LeVan (Roberta Blais-booster) Hal Kelley - Media
Dave Allen
Penny & Skip Guild
1991-1992 Pat St. Onge & Duncan Heath Mark & Janet Kenna Walt & Diane Feldtmose Dean & Nancy Marirea Rejean Sheehy Bob & Connie Smith, Mark & Janet Kenna Hall Kelly & Dave Allen Ken & Elaine Bodell
1990-1991 Ron & Beverly Gendron Randy & Dyane LeBlanc Devon Brentlinger & Pat St. Onge Roberta Blais & Peggy Judkins Wendy LeBlanc Rejean Sheehy Jim & Lynn McKearin, Kelly Mitchell,
Randy LaBlance
1989-1990 Tom Blinn & Susan Dugdale Gregg & Janice Harden Mark & Janet Kenna Allan & Penny Buros Richard & Michelle Chouinard Bruce Williams   Duncan Heath
1988-1989 Fran & Cindy King Mark & Janet Kenna Walt & Diane Feldtmose Peggy Judkins, Ron & Doris Fontaine Tom Blinn & Susan Dugdale   Bruce Williams Ducan Heath
1987-1988 Ken & Bert Bruce Bill & Pat Henderson Ken & Roberta Bruce Jesse & Anne Reczko, Larry & Dot Conroy Fran & Cindy King Al & Nancy Legero   Steve & Andrea White
1986-1987 Al Martin & Helen Lawson Norm & Pauline Blais Chuck & Elaine Lavalley   Walt & Diane Feldtmose Matt & Linda Reiner Bill & Linda Glaser John & Anne DeFusco
1985-1986 Al Martin & Helen Lawson   Bill & Donna Wayman          
1984-1985 Walter & Pam Dudivicz Al Martin & Helen Lawson Ken & Roberta Bruce   Trish Fenton   Craig & Heather Fortier Ralph & Loretta Lawson
1983-1984 William & Linda Glaser              
1982-1983 William & Linda Glaser Bernice (Bunny) Hanna            
1981-1982 Louis & Ellen Slater (resigned), Jack & Mary Dunn (March) Jack & Mary Dunn Sue Francoeur Dick & Joyce Fischer Dick & Ellie Boucher Norman & Luicille St. Francois, Dennie & Ellen Schofield Jesse & Anne Reczko Lou and Ellen Slater.
1980-1981 Leo & Louise Bennett / Louis & Ellen Slater              
1979-1980 Chuck & Elaine Lavelley John & Linda De Fusco Frank & Vickie Silva Tom & Terry Paine (H) Vern Macomber & Debbie Mainville (M)   Malcolm & Marion Dodge Leo & Louise Bennett (1), Louis & Ellen Slater (2)
1978-1979 Norman & June Blais Norman & Luicille St. Francois Armand & Alida Pepin Tom & Terry Paine (H) Chuck & Lem Wade (M) Norman & Luicille St. Francois John & Linda DeFusco Leo & Louise Bennett (1), Chuck & Elaine Lavalley (2)
1977-1978 Leo & Jolene Nolin Cindy & Chuck Lambert Dot & Al Martin Lucilee & Norman St. Francis (H) Lem & Chuck Wade (M)   Sue & Karl Dahlen June & Norman Blais
Elaine (1) & Chuck LaValley (2)
1976-1977 Leo & Jolene Nolin Niki & Vern Macomber
Alida & Armand Pepin Marge & Walt Feldtmose (H)     Karl & Sue Dahlen Al & Dot Martin (1)
Reine & Hubert Bittner (2)
1975-1976 Gary & Sharon Chamberlain John & Rachel Chagnon Bob & Penny Holloran Stan & Arlene Tyler (H) Bob & Jeanne Senato (M)   Robert & Jackie Chouinard Al & Dot Martin (1), Hubert & Reine Bittner (2)
1974-1975 Ed & Marge Mitchell Cohen & Nancy Renfroe Harry & Helen Brown Bernard & Nancy Sweetser (H) John & Rachel Chagnon (M)   Hubert & Reiene Bittner Gary & Sharon Chamberlain (1), Bob & Peggy Hollaran (2)
1973-1974 Ed & Marge Mitchell Nancy & Al Legere Nancy & Cohen Renfroe Jean & Lenny Williams (H) Barb & Jim Arnott (M)   Reinie & Hubert Bittner Helen & Harry Brown (1), Peggy & Bob Hollaran (2)
1972-1973 Keith & Gloria Davis Al & Nancy Legere Harry & Helen Brown Cohen & Nancy Renfroe (H) Howard & Sandra Rothstein (M)   Art & Jean Russell Ed & Marge Mitchell (1), Ed & Betty Brooks (2)
1971-1972 Walter & Eva Shumway Roger Spooner Helen Brown         Trudy Maxfield (1), Don Grant (2)
1970-1971 Walter Paquette              
1969-1970 Walt & Pat White Ray Duval            
1968-1969 Walt & Pat White   Jewell Landry         Ben & Claire Martin
1967-1968 Art & Mary Corteau           Gil & Bernie Clement Harry & Pauline Pinette (2)
1966-1967 Larry & Gini Johnson              
1965-1966 Robert & Connie Smith              
1964-1965 Robert & Alice Gabriel              
1963-1964 Dennis & Ruth Wakelin Horace Nichols Ernie Cote ----- ----- ----- Ruth Wakelin (1) Theresa Hamel (2)
1962-1963 Jack & Barbara Atkinson Horace Nichols John Sienkiewicz ----- ----- ----- Ruth Wakelin (1) Pat Duval (2)
1961-1962 Horace & Bertha Nichols Verne Rood Bob Gelinas ----- ----- ----- Barbara Atkinson (1) Bertha Nichols (2)
1960-1961 Paul & Alice Cormier June Steege Jack Wenzel ----- ----- ----- Jean Mayo (1) Mrs Kenneth Mayo (1), Bety Nary (2)
1959-1960 Richard & Hilda Millard Pat Thompson George Steege ----- ----- ----- ----- Phyllis Batchelder
1958-1959 Kenneth & Jean Mayo ----- Bernie Pastor ----- ----- ----- ----- Selma Pastor

1. Corresponding Secretary
2. Recording Secretary
3. (M) = Membership office
4. (H) = Hospitality


Historical Highlights

Dates Event
2008 May 10 50th Anniversary Celebration
2003 May 10 45th Anniversary Celebration
2002 July Graduation of January Multi-Cycle Program Dancers
2002 April Graduation of September Multi-Cycle Program Dancers
2001 August Graduation of January Multi-Cycle Program Dancers
2001 April Graduation of September Multi-Cycle Program Dancers
2001 January Second Class start of Multi-Cycle Program
2000 September First Class start of Multi-Cycle Program
2000 July Web site moved to
2000 April Active participation in the 42th N.E. Square Dance Convention, Manchester
1996 September BCS first web site on
1996 September First Dance at Infant Jesus Parish Hall
1998 May 9 40th Anniversary Celebration
1993 May 8 35th Anniversary Celebration
1988 May 14 30th Anniversary Celebration
1983 May 14 25th Anniversary Celebration
1982 May New Club Dress adopted
1982 May Fun Luvin' Teens workshops held at the horse Pond Fish & Game Club
1982 April Fun Luvin' Teens - New Club Caller - Dave Runyon
1980 June 15 years for Eddie Mayall as Club Caller
1979 April Active participation in the 20th N.E. Square Dance Convention, Manchester
1978 May 13 20th Anniversary Celebration
1977 May Walter Shumway, the Fun Luvin' Teens 1st club caller, moves on
1976 July Participated in the Nashua Bicentennial Parade
1976 April Blue and White Gingham Club Dress adopted
1974 September Lessons/Workshops moved to Arts and Science Center on Court Street in Nashua
1974 April Fun Luvin' Teens Club sponsored - 32 teens who recently graduated formed the club.
In September, lessons started at the First Baptist Church on Nashua on Main Street.
The Club Callers was Walter Shumway.
1974 April 25 Voluntary Corporation - Articles of Agreement signed by the City of Nashua
and the Secretary of State of NH. BCS officers who signed: Hubert Bitter,
Robert Holloran, Alfred Legere, Edward Mitchell, & Cohen Renfroe
1973 May 12 15th Anniversary Celebration
1968 September Official Emblem for the Border City Squares adopted
1968 May 18 10th Anniversary Celebration
1967 Round dancing included at club dances
1967 March/April Smoothies Round Dance Club sponsored
1959 January First graduation held
1958 September 11 First class lessons held, Jim Mayo calling, 45 couples attended at Charlotte Ave.
1958 August Jim and Kenneth Mayo attended a Square Dance Workshop
in West Point NY in preparation to forming a club and holding lessons
1958 July The name - Border City Squares - was adopted
1958 March First Organization Meeting


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