Border City Square Dance Club through the Ages

Border City Square Dance Club of Nashua, New Hampshire was founded in 1958. The founding members joined together to have fun and make friends. This principal holds true today where the present members dance not only for the physical exercise, but for the mental exercise, the friendship and, of course, the fun. The club’s present members are teens, singles, couples, and families.

Border City Squares Logo Jim Mayo became interested in starting a square dance club in Nashua after seeing the founding of the Allemande 8’s Club in Manchester, NH. The first organizational meeting was held in March 1958. Shortly after that the name Border City Squares was adopted. In August of that year Jim and Kenneth Mayo attended a Square Dance Workshop in West Point, NY in preparation for forming a club and holding dance lessons. In September 1958 the first class lessons were held with Jim Mayo as the caller. The lessons at this time were only for ten weeks and consisted of twelve lessons. The first class of six couples graduated in January 1959. The club’s membership grew and through the 1960’s nearly everyone who came to take lessons stayed to complete the course. In September 1968 the official emblem for the Border City Squares was adopted.

Ed Ross Smith became the club caller in 1961, and he was soon followed by Mal "Yikes" Cameron. As the club grew it also expanded to include round dancing. In March/April of 1967 the Smoothies Round Dance Club was sponsored. Also in this year round dancing was included at club dances. In time the club also expanded to include the younger generation. In 1974 32 teens who recently graduated started their own club, The Fun Luvin’ Teens. In September 1974 this new teen club, sponsored by Border City Squares, started lessons with Walter Shumway as their club caller.

The club continued to grow during the 1970’s. In April 1976 the club dress of blue and white gingham was adopted. In July of 1976 the club participated in the Nashua Bicentennial Parade. On May 13, 1978 the club celebrated its Twentieth Anniversary! The club also very active in supporting the Twentieth New England Square Dance Convention in Manchester, NH in 1979.

In the 1980’s the club changed with the times and more actively encouraged singles to join. In June 1980 Eddie Mayall, the club caller, celebrated calling for the Border City Squares for fifteen years. In 1982 the club dress was redesigned with a more modern look but still retained the blue and white colors. On May 14, 1983 the club celebrated its Thirtieth Anniversary.

In 1991 Ray Aubut became the club caller, and remained with the club until 1995 when Ed Renauld became the club caller. Ed’s wife Corinne became the club cuer, and round dance lessons became a regular part of the Monday night lessons. Since none of the teen clubs that were founded when dancing was more popular were still active, the Border City bylaws were revised to encourage teens to rejoin the club, and an effort was made to bring families into the club.

In the spring of 2000, Ed and Corinne decided to take a year off from giving lessons, and Jerry Maurice filled in as the club caller. Ed and Corinne rejoined as club caller and cuer in the spring of 2001. In the fall of 2000 the club also began experimenting with a multi cycle lesson program with lessons starting in September and again in January 2001. The club was active in support of the New England Square and Round Dance Association’s convention in Manchester, NH in both 2000 and 2001. As of the 2003-2004 dance season, the club is completing its 46th year, and looks forward to many more years of friendship and fun.

Historical Highlights

Dates Event
2006 March Jay Silva becomes our new caller. Patty and Steve Greene move to North Carolina
2004 August Monthly dances will no longer be held at the Infant Jesus Church. New Dance Location: TBA
2004 February Weekly lessons/workshops/dances moved from Horse Pond Fish & Game Club to Church of the Good Shepherd (except the 2nd Monday of each month) and the United Methodist Church (2nd Monday of each month)
2004 February Club Dance Donation raised to $6 per person
2004 February Phil and Sandie Gatchell become Club Round Dance Cuer/Teacher couple
2003 April Ed and Corinne Renauld leave the club
2003 May 10 45th Anniversary Dance/Celebration
2003 January Patty and Steve Greene become the club's Square Dance Caller/Teacher couple for the January Multi-Cycle Dancers
2001 August Graduation of first January-start multi-cycle class
2001 April Support of 43rd NESRD Convention in Manchester NH
2001 April Graduation of first September-start multi-cycle class
2001 January Ed and Corinne Renauld rejoin club as caller and cuer
2000 April Support of42nd NESRD Convention in Manchester NH
2001 January Jerry Maurice takes over as interim club caller
1998 May 9 40th Anniversary Celebration
1996 September BCS starts its first web site on
1996 September Monthly dances moved from Pilgrim Church to Infant Jesus Parish Hall
1996 September Ed and Corinne Renauld become club caller and cuer
1993 May 8 35th Anniversary Celebration
1991 September Ray Aubut becomes club caller.
1988 May 14 30th Anniversary Celebration
1983 May 14 25th Anniversary Celebration
1982 May New club dress adopted
1982 May Fun Luvin’ Teen club moves to Horse Pond Fish and Game Club in Nashua
1982 April Dave Runyon becomes new club caller for Fun Luvin’ Teens
1980 June Eddie Mayall celebrates 15 years as BCS club caller
1979 April Support of 20th NESRD Convention in Manchester
1978 May 13 20th Anniversary Celebration
1977 May Walter Shumway, the Fun Luvin’ Teens first caller moves on
1976 July Participation in the Nashua Bicentennial Parade
1976 April Blue and white gingham club dress adopted
1974 September Lessons/workshops moved to Arts and Science Center on Court Street in Nashua, NH
1974 April Fun Luvin’ Teens Club sponsored by BCS founded with 32 members. Lessons started in September at the Fist Baptist Church in Nashua. Caller: Walter Shumway
1973 May 12 15th Anniversary Celebration
1968 September Official club emblem for Border City Squares was adopted
1968 May 12 10th Anniversary Celebration
1967 Round dancing included at club dances
1967 March/April Smoothies Round Dance Club sponsored by BCS
with instructors Mr. & Mrs. James Floyd.
Eighteen couples graduated from the first class.
1965 Eddie Mayall becomes club caller
1961 Ed Ross Smith becomes club caller and is soon replaced by Mal "Yikes" Cameron
1959 January First Border City Squares class graduation
1958 September First class lessons held at Charlotte Avenue School in Nashua, NH. Jim Mayo calling
1958 August Jim and Kenneth Mayo attended a Square Dance Workshop in West Point NY in preparation for founding a club.
1958 July The club name "Border City Squares" was adopted
1958 March First organizational meeting held