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  October 2005  

President's Corner 

Welcome to our new class members.  We have had 15 new dancers join us for the first three classes this year, although not all of them for all nights.  I hope all of you new dancers are having a great time with us – I know all of us “oldtimers” are delighted to be able to share this wonderful activity with you.

It is also good to see so many of our members coming out to support the class.  Having a good mix of experienced dancers and new dancers is real help in getting the new class off to a good start.  It is also a great way to brush up on our dancing skills.

The reinforced mainstream/plus teach hour is getting off to a fairly good start, although I want to encourage all of the participants – especially those who just graduated last year – to attend the new dancer class as well.  It is very important to be confident mainstream dancers before moving into plus.  Many of the plus calls combine the basic moves of mainstream into more complex patterns, so having a good understanding of the basics is very important.

Home Dances

We broke in our new hall at the Pilgrim Congregational Church with a very successful dance.  I believe we had 22 of our own club members in attendance, which is certainly better than we averaged last year.  I hope all of you will try to attend as many of our regular dances as possible.  We also had quite a good turnout from our visiting clubs.  I am sure our new location just off of Route 3 with its easy access and good parking will make our dances much more attractive to visiting clubs. 

Raids and Retrievals

Our banner chair, Kathi Butt, has lined up quite a few dances for us already, and it is important to have as many dancers as possible attend these away dances. 

Only by doing so can we hope to have enough dancers come to our own dances to help us meet our expenses.  For those who may not have gotten the word, we have changed the meeting location for our regular carpools due to the construction of the new bank at the Nashua Mall.  We are now meeting in the parking lot at the right side of the Home Depot at the Nashua Mall – that’s the right side as you face the building!

Halloween Party

The club is going to have its annual Halloween party on Monday night, October 24th, from 7:00 to 10:00.  This party is open to all our members and guests, and there will be dancing for everyone, class members and experienced dancers alike.  This will be a costume party with a costume parade and lots of good finger food – assuming you all help out with supplying the food table!  I hope everyone will be able to attend.

Newsletter Options

The board would like to offer the option to our members to receive the monthly newsletter by email rather than by “snail mail.”  If you would like to use this option, please let us know by submitting the form found in this newsletter to any of the board members.  If you do choose this option, please be sure to give us a good email address that will not filter out the newsletter.  Some systems, especially business email systems, have “spam filters” designed to block non-business mail.

Next Board Meeting

Our next board meeting will be at Anne-Marie Boucher’s house on October 27th at 7:00 PM.  All our regular board meetings are open to all club members.

Chris Howard

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Class Chair

Our new class is coming together with a very enthusiastic group of new dancers.  At last count we had 7+ class members and the possibility of a few more to start this week.  They have shown a real knack to learning the figures and judging by the laughter, they are having a lot of fun.

We have created a Class Dance Schedule so that our class members can look ahead and plan for the upcoming opportunities to actually use their new skill.  This will also offer them the chance to see how much fun it is to go to other clubs and experience dancing with other class level dancers.  As well as gain the experience of new callers.

We also would like to express our gratitude to the club members that have helped at the two Fun Nights.  These Fun Nights could not have been the success they were without you.  We hope that all of our club members will take the opportunity to come to the Monday class and meet our new class and experience the fun of working with them.

Marie & Norm

Class Dance Schedule

Date Time Location Club Theme Caller Cuer
Nov 19, 2005 8–10:30 PM

Bradford, NH

Bradford County

Pilgrim Promenade
(Toys For Tots)

Don Batchelder Vera Prudhomme
Dec 3, 2005 7–9:30 PM

Concord, NH

Concord Coach

  Darrell Sprague Bernie Porter
Dec. 10, 2005 8–10:30 PM

Keene, NH

Monadnock Squares

Christmas Dance

Don Batchelder John Heign
Dec 17, 2005 8–10:30 PM

Rochester, NH

Happy Time

  Jerry Maurice Bernie Porter
Jan 14, 2006 8–10:30 PM

Nashua, NH

Border City Squares

Pajama Party

Lenny Stratton Phil Gatchell
Feb 26, 2006
2–5:00 PM

Manchester, NH


Winter Ball

Mar 11, 2006 8–10:30 PM

Nashua, NH

Border City Squares

St. Patricks Day

Patty Greene None
Apr 28-30, 2006 Fri – Sat – Sun

Springfield, MA


Square Dance

Many Many

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Club Chair

Border City Squares held it’s first dance of the 05-06-dance season on September 10th at our new home, Pilgrim Congregational Church.  The dance was a lot of fun and we had over 7 squares of dancers in attendance.  Mason Wolf Rockers raided with 15 dancers, Heel and Toe raided with 19 dancers, and we had over 20 members from Border City.  I want to thank Anne-Marie Boucher for hosting this dance.  Thank you to all those club members who brought food for the food table as well as those who assisted with setup and cleanup in our new hall.

Our next dance will be on October 8th with Randy Longobucco calling and John Heign cueing.  Now that we have a permanent home, let’s hope that we continue to see good turnouts for our dances.  Also, please remember to bring food for our guests to each of our dances.


Date Hosts Theme Level Caller Cuer
Oct. 8, 2005 Steve & Debbie White Fall MS & 2 Plus Randy Longobucco John Heign
Nov. 12, 2005 Sharon Ravan
Scott Henderson
Sock Hop MS & 2 Plus Jay Silva Barbara Nutting
Dec. 10, 2005 Deane Clark
Kathi Butt
(Jimmy Buffett)
Plus Norm Poisson Marilyn Rivenburg
Jan. 14, 2006 Class Pajama Party Class Lenny Stratton Phil Gatchell
Feb. 11, 2006 Kathi Butt
Harli Webb
Match Game MS & 2 Plus Patty Greene Phil Gatchell
March 11, 2006 Class Saint Patricks Day Class Patty Greene None
April 8, 2006   Spring Fever Plus Suptei Rogers TBD
May 13, 2006 Harli Webb
Deb Mentch
  MS & 2 Plus Don Bachelder Phil Gatchell
June 10, 2006 Tammy Dorris Summer Fun – Casual Dress MS & 2 Plus Steve Xeller John Heign

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History Tidbits


Square dance was once the National Folk Dance. On Jan. 25, 1982 the 97th Congress unanimously passed a joint resolution designating square dancing as the national folk dance of the US and on June 1, 1982 President Regan signed it. This resolution was only a temporary action meaning it would expire in 2 years.

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Banner Chair

We are off to a good start, but I know we can do better.  13 Border City dancers raided Bradford on Sept 17 and 14 BCS dancers raided Heel & Toe on Sept 24.  Mason’s Wolf Rockers attended our Sept dance with 15 dancers and Heel & Toe came with 19 dancers. Let’s see if can match those numbers.

Here is a recap of September:

Sept 11: We hosted our first dance of the season.  Thank you Tammy for handling the raid and retrieval duties. We had a total of 37 guests from Heel & Toe and Wolf Rockers.  Heel & Toe retrieved their banner from last year, and Mason raided.

Sept 17th we traveled to Bradford, NH. For those of you who haven’t danced in Bradford recently, please note that they have moved and now dance at the Kearsarge Regional Elementary School. The 13 Border City members (and guest members who signed in with us) were: Kathi Butt, Irene Morrissette, Marie Mullins, Bob Baker, Chris Howard, Debbie & Steve White, Deb Mentch, Harli Webb, Deane Clark & Tammy Dorris. Also signing in with us were Rhiannon Webb and Don Gallant. We enjoyed dancing to the challenging calling of Al Monty, who many of us had not danced to previously. And of course we enjoyed the cueing of our own Phil Gatchell.

Sept. 24 we raided Heel & Toe with 14 dancers.  The caller was Jim Mayo & the cuer was Peg Sutton.  Border City raiders were: Kathi Butt, Marie Mullins, Norm Gentry, Bob Baker, Tammy Dorris, C. Paula Finamore, Cecelia Kendig, Deane Clark, Chris Howard, Debbie & Steve White, Deb Mentch, Harli Webb. Don Gallant also signed in with BCS.

The Banner Schedule is a Work In Progress. Please watch for sign up sheets and change notices at  Monday workshops. The following raids and retrievals are scheduled for Oct and Nov. I will need a lot of support for successful Fri & Sat night back-to-back raids on Oct 28 & 29.

Oct 1st we are raiding Tech Squares in Cambridge. Technically this is not a raid as they do not exchange banners, but I am sure it will be a lot of fun. Tom Rinker is calling & Dave Goss is cueing this Plus dance. 

Concord Coach and  Heel & Toe are scheduled to raid and retrieve at our Oct 8th dance. Randy Longabucco is calling, John Heign is cuing.  I hope all of you will attend.

Oct 16th we will raid Bradford. Yes, I know we went there last month, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for us to dance to Double Trouble (Matt Auger & Mike Pettibon) and Jennie Fisella. The theme is Scary Squares. The carpool will leave the Nashua Mall at 6:15. Please note our new carpool location is in front of Home Depot, towards Coliseum Ave.

Oct 22nd we will raid Fairs & Squares in Framingham, MA.  Ken Ritucci is calling & Birgit Macquire is cueing this Mainstream w/ Plus tips dance.  The sign-up sheet at the workshop on Mondays will advise the carpool departure time. I know this is a bit farther than we usually travel, but with so few clubs in the area, we’ve had to broaden our range for raids and retrievals. They are scheduled to come to Border City for our Dec dance, so it’s important that we make a good showing at their dance.

Oct 28th, Friday, we are raiding Acton Square Wheelers in Acton, MA. Watch the sign up sheet for carpool departure times. This is a Mainstream w/ Plus tips dance with Don Bachelder calling and Birgit Mcquire cueing.

The next night, Oct 29th, we are traveling to Mason to retrieve our banner. They came to our Sept dance with 15 dancers.  I encourage all of you to support this retrieval. I’d like to show up with at least as many as they brought to our dance. This is a M/S dance with Charlie MacLeod calling & Leo Boudreau cueing.

Nov 5th we are retrieving our banner from Concord Coach. This is a Plus dance with Gloria Vivier calling and Laura Knight cuieng.  Their dances begin at 7pm so the carpool will be leaving the Nashua Mall earlier than normal.  Time will be posted on the sign-up sheet.

If you ever have any questions about any raid or retrieval, or the carpool, please don’t hesitate to ask me.
We have a busy banner schedule this Fall.  Thanks to those who volunteer to drive the carpool vehicles.  Carpooling gives us a great opportunity to socialize while reducing road congestion & conserving energy.

Kathi Butt

Tentative Raid/Retrieval Schedule for Fall 2005



Raid (R) / Retrieval (RET)




Location / Notes

Oct 1

Tech Squares


Tom Rinker
David Goss



Room TBA

Oct 8

Concord Coach
Heel & Toe


Randy Longobucco
John Heign


MS & 2 PL

Pilgrim Church
Nashua, NH

Oct 15



Double Trouble
(Matt Auger &
 Mike PetitBon)
Jennie Fisella

Scary Squares


Kearsarge Regional Elementary School
Bradford, NH
Oct 22

Fairs & Squares


Ken Ritucci
Birgit Maguire


Framingham, MA

Friday,Oct 28

Acton Square Wheelers


Don Bachelder
Brigit Maguire


M/S, Alt Plus

Acton, MA

Oct 29

Wolf Rockers


Charlie McLeod
 Leo Boudreau


MS & Plus

Mason, NH

Nov 5

Concord Coach


Gloria Vivier

Laura Knight



7-9:30 PM
Concord, NH

Nov 12

Turkey Town
Acton Square Wheelers


Jay Silva

Sock Hop

MS & 2 PL

Pilgrim Church

Nashua, NH

Nov 19

Heel & Toe


Ed Renauld

Corinne Renauld


MS w/ PL Tips

Manchester, NH

Dec 3

Concord Coach


Darrell Sprague
Bernie Porter



7-9:30 PM
Concord, NH

Dec 10

Tech Squares
Fairs & Squares
Heel & Toe


Norm Poisson

Marilyn Rivenburg

(Jimmy Buffett)


Pilgrim Church

Nashua, NH

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Border City Squares - Board of Directors - 2005/2006

President Chris Howard
Vice President Debbie White
Secretary Anne-Marie Boucher
Treasurers Deane Clarke
Bob Baker
Club Chairperson Steve White
Class Chairperson

Marie Mullins
Norn Gentry

Banner Chairperson Kathi Butt
Publicity Chairperson Eric Magrath

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New Workshop & Dance Location

Pilgrim Congregational Church

4 Watson Street,
Nashua, NH


Just off Everett Turnpike Exit 7E (route 101A - toward Nashua).
From the South, at light, turn right onto 101A.
From the North, proceed through light on 101A.
Turn left at first street (Watson), just past VideoMat video store.
Church is on the left, parking is on all sides of the Church.

Pilgrim Congregational Church

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Membership Name(s): _____________________________________________________

E-Mail Address:          _____________________________________________________

If e-mail is undeliverable, the Newsletter will be sent via the U.S. Post.

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JUNE 1, 2005 – MAY 31, 2006

The rate structure is designed so a single form may accommodate each family unit.

First Family Member ($20.00) _____________________$_____

Second Family Member ($15.00) _____________________$_____

Child 17, and under ($10.00) _____________________$_____

(* If in addition to a paid adult membership)

Additional Family Members at No Charge _________________

Total $______

Address: _________________________________________________

City: ___________________ State:___________ Zip:____________

Telephone: _________________(Publish telephone?) Yes___ No____

E-Mail: ___________________________________________________

Best Way To Contact You: Phone__________ Email________


Payment Received: $_____________

Date________ Cash_________ Check#_________

Payment of your 2005-2006 dues would be appreciated before June 30, 2005.
Return form and payment during any Monday workshop, or you may mail to:

Border City Squares
PO Box 6082
Nashua, NH 03063

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Border City Squares

Club dance to be held October 8th at

Pilgrim Congregational Church

4 Watson Street

Nashua, NH

Mainstream w/ 2 Plus; from 8:00-10:30

Randy Longobucco Calling; John Heign Cueing


Visit us at http://BorderCitySquares.freeservers.com

E-mail us at BCSquares@juno.com

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