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  September 2005  

President's Corner 

I would love to say "where has the summer gone?" but it is about 98 degrees outside and the humidity is at least that high. So I guess we still have a bit of summer left. However, it is nearly time to start our new dance season, and I hope you are ready for another great year.

New Dance Hall!

It is official: the Pilgrim Congregational Church is to be our new home both for Monday lessons and for our monthly dances. No more wondering where we will meet next. No more confusion for visiting dancers. For those who may not remember, the Pilgrim Church, where we danced about ten years ago, is at 4 Watson St. in Nashua, near exit 7 from Route 3.

First Home Dance

Our first dance will be on September 10th at the Pilgrim Church. This will be a mainstream dance with Ken Ritucci calling and Birgit Maguire cueing. I hope you will all join us as we try out the new hall. There are at least two clubs coming to raid, and I know we will all want to welcome them to our new home. Be sure to bring some refreshments for the food table.

Dance Classes

Our fun night for new dancers will be on Monday September 12th from 7:00 to 9:00, also at the Pilgrim Church. I am sure you have all been asking everyone you see to try square dancing – at least I hope you have. You will find a copies of advertising fliers in this newsletter. Please make copies and post them wherever you can, and use them to remind your friends when and where to find us. Also, please remember that we do not have any age limitations in our club for new dancers. Anyone who is willing and able to learn is welcome. However, dancers under 17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult – not necessarily a family member and not necessarily a dancer, but someone who will be responsible for them.

You will note a significant change in the Monday night schedule. After much discussion, the board has decided to forego round dance lessons this fall in favor of plus lessons, and we are changing the way we divide up our Monday workshops:
New dancer (mainstream) lessons
7:00 to 9:00 - $6 per person
Plus lessons and mainstream reinforcement
9:00 to 10:00 - $3 per person

Angels Wanted

We, and especially the new Class Chairpersons Marie and Norm, want to encourage all our members not only to invite people to join our classes but also to help out as angels. This is an excellent way to reinforce your dancing skills, especially if you intend to continue with plus lessons. It is also the best way to make new dancers feel welcome. Please plan to come not only to the fun night, but to as many of our Monday night classes as you can.

Membership Renewal

For those who have not already renewed membership in the club for the 2005/2006 dance season, please remember that dues were due by the end of last June. Please don’t leave us! We don’t want to lose any of our dancing friends. You will find a membership form in this newsletter, or you can see the treasurer at any of our dances and workshops.

Next Board Meeting

Our next board meeting will be at Kathi Butt’s place on September 29th at 7:00 PM. Remember, all our regular board meetings are open to all club members. Hope to see you all soon.

Chris Howard

Class Chair

As the summer season begins to wind down, there is a new season approaching that perhaps only we in the square dancing community can truly appreciate. And that is the opportunity to work with a new class of enthusiastic beginning dancers. On the upcoming Fun Night, Sept. 12, we look forward to welcoming our new dancers and introducing them to a place of friendship, laughter, and fun. And it’s also good exercise. As the learning progresses with new calls being added, we look to the all important angels to help the new dancers to learn and to enjoy the activity.

We look forward to being the Class Chairpersons for the 2005-2006 season. We also look forward to an equally enthusiastic core of angels to help ensure the new dancers have their questions answered, their concerns aired and most of all to ensure that the new dancers feel welcome.

Marie & Norm

Club Chair

Border City Squares will hold it’s first dance of the 05-06 dance season on September 10th. Anne-Marie has kindly offered to host this dance and the theme will be "Welcome Back". This will be the club’s first dance at our new home, Pilgrim Congregational Church on 4 Watson Street in Nashua. We are hoping for a good crowd, so please be sure to attend and bring food for the food table.

At this time, I am still looking for volunteers to host our October and April dances. Hosting a dance involves selecting and decorating for a theme, providing 2 – 3 door prizes, a cake for birthdays (optional), two bags of ice for drinks, and cream for coffee (if we have it). In addition, the hosts are expected to greet our guests on arrival and say goodnight as they leave. Please see me if you are interested in hosting or have any questions.


Date Hosts Theme Level Caller Cuer
Sep. 10, 2005 Anne-Marie Boucher Welcome Back MS & 2 Plus Ken Ritucci Birgit Maguire
Oct. 8, 2005     MS & 2 Plus Randy Longobucco John Heign
Nov. 12, 2005 Sharon Ravan
Scott Henderson
Sock Hop MS & 2 Plus Jay Silva Barbara Nutting
Dec. 10, 2005 Deane Clark
Kathi Butt
(Jimmy Buffett)
Plus Norm Poisson Marilyn Rivenburg
Jan. 14, 2006 Class Pajama Party Class Lenny Stratton Phil Gatchell
Feb. 11, 2006 Kathi Butt
Harli Webb
  MS & 2 Plus Patty Greene Phil Gatchell
March 11, 2006 Class Saint Patricks Day Class Patty Greene None
April 8, 2006     Plus Suptei Rogers TBD
May 13, 2006 Harli Webb
Deb Mentch
  MS & 2 Plus Don Bachelder Phil Gatchell
June 10, 2006 Tammy Dorris Summer Fun – Casual Dress MS & 2 Plus Steve Xeller John Heign

History Tidbits


In September 2003 Patty Greene become the club caller.

Banner Chair

Final Report of 2004-2005 Dance Year
  1. June 5, 2005 –The Mystery Ride was a great success with 11 BCS members attending the Hayloft Steppers 45th Anniversary Dance. There were over 17 squares in attendance dancing to Double Trouble and Brigit Maquire!
  2. June 11, 2005 – This was our last club dance of this season. Wolf Rockers raided with 17 members, Bradford raided with 10 members, Turkey Town retrieved with 11 members and Heel n Toe retrieved with 9 members. It was great to see so many donated food items! Thank you everyone!
  3. June 18, 2005 – BCS attended the SOLD OUT Bradford Anniversary dance! Wasn’t it great to see all ages dancing together?! Thanks Kathi & Don, Steve & Debbie, Clay & Dottie, Harli, Deane, Chris, Deb, Anne Marie and Ed.
  4. June 25, 2005 – What a hot time we all had at our last retrieval of this dance season! Thanks to all 12 BCS members for attending! Thanks – Debbie & Steve, Don & Kathi, Norm & Marie, Sharon & Scott, Harli, Dennis, and Deb!

Thanks to all who attend raids/retrievals!
And now for the awards for" Excellence in Raid/Retrieval Attendance" . . .

Kathi Butt with 20 raids/retrievals
Deane Clark with 19 raids/retrievals
Tammy Dorris with 18 raids/retrievals
Chris Howard with 15 raids/retrievals
Steve & Debbie White with 13 raids/retrievals
Harli Webb with 11 raids/retrievals
Eric Magrath and Bob Baker with 9 raids/retrievals
Irene Morrissette and Marie Mullins with 8 raids/retrievals
John & Valerie Lamb and Dennis Morando with 7 raids/retrievals
Penny Guild with 6 raids/retrievals
Skip Guild, Norm Gentry, and Bruce Roberts with 5 raids/retrievals

And an extra special thank-you to Don Gallant an honorary BCS member who attended nearly all raids/retrievals!

Tammy Dorris

Welcome to our 2005-2006 season of banner raids and retrievals

First I’d like to thank Tammy Dorris, last year’s Banner Chair. She did a terrific job. Please remember in order to carry out exchanges (raids/retrievals) there must be a minimum of eight dancers. Our numbers are small, but we are an enthusiastic group. I will be counting on all of you to support our club.

Thus far I have arranged for banner raids and retrievals with Bradford Country Squares, Concord Coach, Heel n’ Toe, Turkey Town Trotters, as well as a non-banner raid and retrieval with Tech Squares. I await return calls from several other clubs.

I realize that some dancers prefer not to drive long distances, but there are very few local clubs. I hope you will support our raids and retrievals regardless of location. I will make every effort to see that those who wish to attend can get a ride with the carpool. Carpooling adds a nice social element to dancing. With the price of gas these days, it’s a win-win situation. Please consider offering a donation to the driver.

Note: Due to the construction near Kohl’s at the Nashua Mall, a new
carpool location may be announced. Watch for details.
Our usual time of departure is 7 pm unless otherwise stated.

Upcoming Raids & Retrievals

September 10, 2005 – "Welcome Back" to our September dance with Ken Ritucci calling and Birgit Maquire
cueing. This is a MS/P dance. Bradford Country Squares and Heel n’ Toe will be raiding. I will be out of
town that night, so Tammy will take care of the banner business for me. Thanks Tammy!

September 17, 2005 – There is no raid or retrieval currently scheduled, but this is subject to change. Please do
not hesitate to venture out on your own when no club activity is scheduled.

September 24, 2005 – BCS will be going to Manchester to retrieve our banner from Heel n’ Toe. Shawn Cuddy
is calling, Peg Sutton is cuing this MS/P dance. There is no car pool for this local dance. Heel n’ Toe dances
are held at Bishop O’Neil Youth Center on 30 South Elm Street in Manchester. Please see me if you need

October 1: Plus Dancers: You don’t want to miss this one. We are going to Tech Squares. * Tom Rinker is
calling, Dave Goss is cueing. The exact location is yet to be announced. It will be at MIT, but the room has
not yet been determined. Watch for the sign up sheet with details. Please note that this dance ends at 11pm.

October 8, 2005 – Our October dance is a MS/P dance with Randy Longobucco calling and John Heign cueing.
Concord Coach and Heel n’ Toe willeel n’ Toe will be be raiding. There may be other clubs raiding as well.

Oct 15, 2005: We head to Bradford Country Squares to retrieve our banner at the ‘Scary Squares" dance.
"Double Trouble" is calling (Matt Auger and Mike Pettibon), so you can count on an interesting evening of
calls. Jennie Frisella is cueing. Please note the new location of Bradford dances. Their dances are now held
at Kearsarge Regional Elementary School in Bradford. Directions will be provided later.

* Please note that I have invited Tech Squares to our December Dance, and we will attend their Oct 1 dance, but
these are not officially raids or retrievals. The "Non-Banner Raid" title is to denote a Tech Squares decision
to give up on exchanging pieces of cloth in these situations. They look for opportunities for fun clubs and
callers to visit, but without committing a particular number of people or even a date too far in advance.

Below is the fall banner schedule as it currently stands. As of press time I was awaiting calls to organize additional raids and retrievals. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share them with me.

Hope to see you in a square real soon!

Kathi Butt

Tentative Raid/Retrieval Schedule for Fall 2005



Raid (R) / Retrieval (RET)




Location / Notes

Sept 10, 2005

Heel n’ Toe



Ken Ritucci
Birgit Maquire

Welcome Back

MS & 2 PL

Pilgrim Church
Nashua, NH

Sept 24

Heel N’ Toe


Shawn Cuddy
Peg Sutton


MS w/ PL tips

Bishop O’Neil
Youth Center
Manchester, NH

Oct 1

Tech Squares





Room TBA

Oct 8

Concord Coach


Randy Longobucco
John Heign


MS & 2 PL

Pilgrim Church
Nashua, NH

Oct 15



Double Trouble
Jennie Fisella

Scary Squares


Kearsarge Regional Elementary School
Bradford, NH

Nov 12

Turkey Town


Jay Silva

Barbara Nutting

Sock Hop

MS & 2 PL

Pilgrim Church
Nashua, NH

Nov 19

Heel/n Toe


E. Renauld

C. Renauld


MS w/ PL Tips


Dec 3

Concord Coach




Concord, NH

Dec 10

Tech Squares





Pilgrim Church
Nashua, NH


  1. If you do not renew your membership, this September newsletter will be the Last newsletter you will receive. Please consider supporting your club again this year with your dues.
  2. A membership list will be published with the November newsletter.
    If you desire to have your phone number excluded from the membership list that is made available to all club members, please contact any of the board members and we will update our records.


Border City Squares - Board of Directors - 2005/2006

President Chris Howard
Vice President Debbie White
Secretary Anne-Marie Boucher
Treasurers Deane Clarke
Bob Baker
Club Chairperson Steve White
Class Chairperson

Marie Mullins
Norn Gentry

Banner Chairperson Kathi Butt
Publicity Chairperson Eric Magrath

New Workshop & Dance Location

Pilgrim Congregational Church
4 Watson Street,
Nashua, NH


Just off Everett Turnpike Exit 7E (route 101A - toward Nashua).
From the South, at light, turn right onto 101A.
From the North, proceed through light on 101A.
Turn left at first street (Watson), just past VideoMat video store.
Church is on the left, parking is on all sides of the Church.

Pilgrim Congregational Church


Selected Events - September 2005








August 28
Nubble Lighthse Keepers SQD 7:30-10 PM, Wells Activity Ctr, Sanford Rd, Rt 109 off Rt 1 Wells, ME
29 30 31
Yankee Twirlers
SQD 8-10:30 PM
St. Anthony’s,
Rt 38, Woburn, MA, Air cond.
A1 & A2
September 1 2
8-10:30 PM
Manchester, NH, Air cond., Dance shoes only
Poisson/ Rivenburg
A1 & A2
4 5
6 7
Yankee Twirlers
SQD 8-10:30 PM
St. Anthony’s,
Rt 38, Woburn, MA, Air cond.
Hendron/ Gatchell
A1 & A2
8 9
8-10:30 PM
Manchester, NH, Air cond., Dance shoes only
Poisson/ Rivenburg
A2 & C1
Border City SQD 8:-10:30 PM
Church, Nashua
MS & 2 PL
Raids: Bradford,
Heel & Toe
11 12
Border City
Fun Night
7-9 PM,
Plus Workshop
9-10 PM.
Church, Nashua
13 14 15 16
8-10:30 PM
Manchester, NH, Air cond., Dance shoes only
Poisson/ Rivenburg
A1 & A2
Bradford County Squares
8-10:30 PM, Early A1 7-8 PM
Bradford, NH, Monty/Gatchell
Mt. Washington
Valley Stompers
2-5 PM, Early
Rounds 1:30
Conway, NH
Border City
Class 7-9 PM,
Plus Workshop
9-10 PM.
Church, Nashua
20 21 22
First Day of Autumn
23 24
Heel & Toe SQD

8-10:30 PM
Bishop O’ Neil
Youth Center
Manchester, NH
Cuddy / Sutton
MS & PL tips,
BCS Retrieval

25 26
Border City
Class 7-9 PM,
Plus Workshop
9-10 PM.
Church, Nashua
27 28 29
Border City
Board Meeting
7-10 PM,
at Kathi's
8-10:30 PM
Manchester, NH, Air cond., Dance shoes only
TBA/ Rivenburg
October 1
Tech Squres
8-10:30 PM
Cambridge, MA
BCS Non Banner



JUNE 1, 2005 – MAY 31, 2006

The rate structure is designed so a single form may accommodate each family unit.

First Family Member ($20.00) _____________________$_____

Second Family Member ($15.00) _____________________$_____

Child 17, and under ($10.00) _____________________$_____

(* If in addition to a paid adult membership)

Additional Family Members at No Charge _________________

Total $______

Address: _________________________________________________

City: ___________________ State:___________ Zip:____________

Telephone: _________________(Publish telephone?) Yes___ NO____

E-Mail: ___________________________________________________

Best Way To Contact You: Phone__________ Email________


Payment Received: $_____________

Date________ Cash_________ Check#_________

Payment of your 2005-2006 dues would be appreciated before June 30, 2005.
Return form and payment during any Monday workshop, or you may mail to:

Border City Squares
PO Box 6082
Nashua, NH 03063


Border City Squares

Club dance to be held September 10 at

Pilgrim Congregational Church

4 Watson Street

Nashua, NH

Mainstream w/ 2 Plus; from 8:00-10:30

Ken Ritucci Calling; Brigit Maguire Cueing


Visit us at http://BorderCitySquares.freeservers.com

E-mail us at BCSquares@juno.com

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