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  November 2004

President’s Corner

Halloween is past, and I hear we had a great party. I am sorry I couldn’t be there, but I couldn’t pass up a chance to visit my son and daughter-in-law in Georgia. If you haven’t seen the Halloween photos, be sure to look at the scrap book which is maintained by our club historian, Tammy Dorris.

Even though it seems a long way off, it isn’t too early to put the club’s Holiday Party on your calendar. The party will be on December 6 at the CGS hall from 7:00 to 10:00. Everyone is asked to bring something for the food table – just finger food, please. There will also be a Yankee Swap gift exchange for those who wish to participate. Please keep the cost of gifts under $10, and be as creative as possible!

Thanks to all of you faithful dancers who have been attending our dances and going on raids and retrievals. It is pretty obvious that dance attendance is going down, and it is more important than ever for every member to support our club if we are to get through what I hope is only a temporary lull in the popularity of square dancing. We have a very enthusiastic class this year, and when these new members are added to the dancers who joined our club last year, we should have a great future. But this will only happen if we all do our part.

Speaking of having a great class, I want to publicly thank our class chairs, Sharon and Scott for helping make this such a lively class. And a very special thanks to Deane Clark and Deb Mentch who have been acting as assistants to the class chairs. Deane, in particular, has regularly arrived early and stayed late to help set up the hall and clean up afterwards. She has also been an active dance angel, made phone calls to class members, and brought snacks for our workshops. Her dedication to the club is very much appreciated!

We are still looking for a permanent home for our regular monthly dances. In the meantime, we are very grateful to Anne-Marie Boucher for arranging with St. Joseph’s for the use of their parish hall. We will be dancing there for our November, January, February, and probably our March dances. The December dance (not the holiday party) will be at the Mill-A-Round dance center in Manchester. If you are not sure how to get to either of these locations, please see any of the board members.

I suspect most of the club members are aware of our web site, but I can’t recall the last time this site was actually brought to the attention of our new members, so I thought this would be a good time to give the site a plug. You can visit us at http://bordercitysquares.freeservers.com. Thanks to Wayne Griffin, we have one of the most informative square dance sites on the web. Wayne keeps a full list of all dances in the area on the site along with links to many other clubs and dance organizations.

Board Meeting

The next board meeting is scheduled for November 18th starting at 7:15pm at the home of Steve and Debbie White in Merrimack, NH, and as usual, it is open to all club members.

Chris Howard


Class Notes

Our annual Halloween party/dance was held on Monday, October 25, 2004, and was well attended by both our club and class members.  Class members attending were Marie, Norm, Irene, Nicole, and Cassandra; and we welcomed two new class members, Won and Myong.

There was the parade of costumes with prizes awarded to Sharon, as bride of Dracula, for the most original; to Bruce, the Nerd, for the most creative, and to Cassandra as gothic princess, for most traditional Halloween costume.  There were three grim reapers who showed up completely masked but revealed themselves as the evening wore on, and there was also a touch of the Wild, Wild west.  Patty and Steve added to the costume theme with her colorful Mexican poncho and his "sparkling smile."

And of course there was dancing; lots of class level tips for all dancers, a couple of mainstream tips enjoyed by our club angels without whose help our class would not be the success that it is.  There was also round dancing throughout the evening cued by Phil Gatchell, our instructor for rounds.

Class members are now looking forward to attending their first class dance at Bradford County Squares, in Bradford, NH, on November 20, which is that club's annual Toys for Tots dance.   Class members will not only get to meet and dance with class level dancers from other clubs but will also join Border City club members for a raid on Bradford that evening.  Hope to see all of you there.

Deane Clark, Class Committee

Partial list of upcoming class dances:

Date Level Club Location Caller Cuer Additional Info
Nov. 20 Class Bradford Country Squares Bradford, NH Don Bachelder Bernie Porter Toys for Tots - Teddy Bear Dance
Dec. 4 Class Concord Coach Concord, NH Darrell Sprague Bernie Porter 7-9:30PM
Dec. 11 Class Monadnock Squares Keene, NH Don Bachelder Walter Wall Christmas Dance
Jan. 8 Class Border City Squares Nashua, NH Jim Wass (MD) Phil Gatchell Pajama Party
Jan. 15 Class Fairs 'N Squares Framingham, MA John Hendron Corinne Renauld Meet the Class
Feb. 12 Class Monadnock Squares Keene, NH Patty Greene John Heign All Singing Calls
Feb. 19 Class/M Fairs 'N Squares Framingham, MA Ted Lizotte Phil Gatchell Class Ball
Feb. 20 Class Bradford Country Squares Bradford, NH Dona Prudhomme Vera Prudhomme 2-4:30PM, Sweetheart Promenade
Feb. 26 Class Wolf Rockers, NH Mason, NH Charlie McLeod None  
Mar. 6 2 Halls- WACA West Boylston, MA Many callers Leo Boudreau & Kathy Reardon Annual Awards Dance:
Dancing 2-5:30PM
Class/M and Plus/Rounds
Mar. 12 Class Border City Squares Nashua, NH Randy Page TBA  
Apr. 1 Class Square Riggers Westwood, MA Jim Pulaski Henry Barry Lighthouse Class Ball

Additional dances can be found by clicking the links near the bottom of the BCS web page: http://bordercitysquares.freeservers.com/dances.html


History Tidbits: Tammy Dorris

Square dancing can be traced to 17th century England where men and woman faced each other in "longways" columns. The French adopted the idea, but changed it to "quadrille" or "squares" of dancers. Settlers brought the dance to America changing it again by adding a caller.


Publicity: Bob Baker

I am looking for people who have access to reproduction facilities for copying the newsletter. The club needs about 40 copies of the newsletter each month, double sided. I currently have two people so that means they get to do it every other month. If there is someone else who would like to participate then that means every 3rd, or 4th, or whatever month you would get to be the printer.


Club Chair: Steve White

October 9: Border City Squares held its first dance at St. Joseph’s church in Nashua.  The dance was hosted by Deane Clark and Deb Mentch and the theme was Home-coming.  It was a Plus level dance with Dave Hass calling and Dave Goss cueing. Thanks to Anne-Marie for securing the hall for this dance and our November dance as well.

We had Heel & Toe raiding with 11 dancers, Concord Coach retrieving with 10 members and a small core group of BCS dancers supporting the club.

Our next club dance will be on November 13th, and will be hosted by Eric Magrath and Irene Morrissette.  It is a Mainstream dance with 2 plus tips.  Dave Lamoureux will be the caller and Phil Gatchell will be cueing.  I hope to see a good showing of our club members at this dance and lots of food for our guests as well.

At this time, there is still one remaining dance without a host or hostess.  It is the April 9th dance.  See me if you are interested in hosting this dance.

Remaining 2004-2005 BCS Dances

Nov. 13, 2004 "Fall Harvest", mainstream with 2 plus tips; Dave Lamoureux calling and Phil Gatchell cueing; Hosted by Eric Magrath & Irene Morrissette.
Dec. 11, 2004 "Old Fashioned Hoe Down", a plus dance; Patty Greene calling and Jennie Frisella cueing; Hosted by Cheryl Palucchi & Anne Marie Boucher.
Jan. 8, 2005 "Pajama Party", a class level dance; Jim Wass calling and Phil Gatchell cueing. Hosted by our current mainstream class.
Feb 12, 2005 "4 the of &127 Dancing", MS with 2 plus tips; Ed Renauld calling and Corinne Renauld cueing; Hosted by Harli Webb & Kathi Butt.
Mar 12, 2005 A class level dance (no rounds); Randy Page calling; Hosted by our current mainstream class.
Apr 9, 2005 A mainstream dance with 2 plus tips; Matt Auger calling and Phil Gatchell cueing.
May 14, 2005 A mainstream dance with 2 plus tips; Mike Petitbon calling and Phil Gatchell cueing; Hosted by Sharon Ravan & Scott Henderson.
Jun. 11, 2005 "Can Can Dance", MS with 2 plus tips; Mack Yokum calling and Jennie Frisella cueing; Hosted by Tammy Dorris - This is a canned food drive and the dress is casual.


Board Happenings: Kathi Butt (Secretary)

A board meeting was held October 21, 2004 at Anne-Marie Boucher’s home. Chris Howard, Anne-Marie Boucher, Kathi Butt, Steve White, and Bob Baker attended.

Club business:

  • During the period from 9/2/2004 through 10/20/2004 the club had a net loss. Our bank balance at the end of that period is down. See Anne-Marie Boucher for more details.
  • One new agenda item is to discuss budget and fund raising activities. If any member has any thoughts please contact a board member.
  • We need volunteers to be our NSSARDA and EDSARDA representatives. See Chris for details. Chris will keep the board advised of meetings and activities.
  • We discussed possible ways to increase the attendance at our club dances.
  • There was some discussion regarding what the future emphasis of the club should be.

Border City Squares - Board of Directors - 2004/2005


Chris Howard

Vice President

Debbie White


Kathi Butt


Anne-Marie Boucher

Club Chairperson

Steve White

Class Chairperson

Sharon Ravan/ Scott Henderson

Banner Chairperson

Tammy Dorris

Publicity Chairperson

Bob Baker


Banner Chair: Tammy Dorris

October 9, 2004 – This was our club’s Homecoming Dance with Dave Hass as the caller and Dave Goss as the cuer. Heel and Toe raided and Concord Coach retrieved one of their banners

October 16, 2004 – BCS went to Heel and Toe’s 45th Anniversary dance for a retrieval. There was a large crowd of dancers and plenty of fun to go around! Thanks to all 15 BCS who attended!! Thank you - John & Valerie Lamb, Chris Howard, Eric McGrath, Irene Morrisette, Kathi Butt, Bruce Roberts, Deane Clarke, Scott Henderson, Sharon Raven, Penny Guild, Bob Baker, and Debbie & Steve White.

October 23, 2004 – We raided Fairs and Squares in Framingham MA. Thanks to Kathi, Deane, Bruce, Bob, Skip & Penny and Steve & Debbie for making this a successful first raid. This was a very enjoyable dance with great calling done by Shawn Cuddy. Fairs and Squares will be coming back to us in the spring.

October 30, 2004 – BCS raided Turkey Town Squares’ plus dance. Thank - you Bob, Kathi, Deane, Harli, Patty & Steve, and Skip & Penny! A spook-tular time was had by all on a very full dance floor!

November 6, 2004 – We will be making our annual trip to MIT for a raid to Tech Squares. This is a plus dance with Everett Mackin calling and Dave Goss cueing.

November 13, 2004 – This is our own club’s mainstream with 2 plus tips dance. The caller will be Dave Lamoureux and the cuer will be Phil Gatchell. The Jesters, Wolf Rockers, and Turkey Town Trotters will be retrieving their banners.

November 19, 2004 – BCS will be raiding the Single Squares. This will be a Mainstream/Plus dance with Everett Mackin calling and Phil Gatchell cueing. *Please note that this dance is on Friday night.

November 20, 2004 – We will be going back to raid the Bradford Country Squares for a class level dance. The caller will be Don Bachelder and the cuer Bernie Porter. This is a Toys for Tots/Teddy Bear, dance they are asking that people come with a new toy/teddy bear for their collection. Since this is the first raid with the new members I hope to see plenty of BCS "angels" at the dance to support them!

J Hope to see you in a square real soon! J

P.S. For those of you who just can’t wait until this year’s convention, the 47th NESRDC Kick Off Dance will be held on Nov 7th at the Union High School in Brattleboro VT. The dance is M/P and runs from 2 – 5 pm. The cost is $5.

CARPOOL: The location is at the Nashua Mall. When you pull into the Mall, turn right toward Kohl’s. Our usual time of departure is 7 pm unless otherwise stated.

Upcoming Raids & Retrievals



Raid/ Retrieval

Caller / Cuer


Location / Notes


Tech Squares


Everett Mackin / Dave Goss


MIT Student Center, 2nd floor
84 Mass. Ave, Cambridge, MA


47th NESRDC Kick Off Dance




2pm - 5pm, $5 per person
Union High School, Brattleboro VT


Single Squares


Everett Mackin / Phil Gatchell


St. Anthony's Hall
1020 Main St. (Rt. 38 N), Woburn MA


Bradford Squares

? RAID ?

Don Bachelder / Bernie Porter


Bradford Town Hall
Main St., Bradford, NH


Thanksgiving weekend



Happy Time Squares


Jerry Maurice / Bernie Porter


Early Rounds 7:30 pm
Rochester Community Center
150 Wakefield St., Rochester, NH


Christmas weekend



Christmas weekend



Happy New Year!



Heel and Toe


George McGibbon /Jennie Frisella


Bishop O'Neil Community Hall, South Elm St. Manchester, NH


Wolf Rockers


Skip Brown / Betty Ann Brown


Mason Town Hall
Valley Rd (Rte 123), Mason, NH


Riverside Square


Ted Lizotte / Harriett Clarke


St. Alphonsus Church
188 Elliott St, Danvers, MA


Border City Squares

Club dance to be held November 13th at

St Joseph's Church, 777 West Hollis St., Nashua

A mainstream level dance with Dave Lamoureux calling and Phil Gatchell cueing

Visit us at http://BorderCitySquares.freeservers.com

E-mail us at BCSsquares@juno.com

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