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  May 2004  


Welcome to May everyone!  It's almost the end of the school year which, for some in this area, means the end of the dance season too. There is dancing throughout the summer if you are interested though so there's no reason to stop dancing!

One of our club's important end-of-year activities is the Annual Meeting. I do hope all will be attending! It will be May 17th during the normal square dance time, 7PM -8:30PM. There will still be rounds as usual that evening.

Also very important to the life of the club at this time of year is having everyone pay their dues! They are due in June. As the Membership form states, they run June 1 - May 31 every year. It is important to have them paid on time because this is also the time that we

get the bill for insurance. This insurance we must have to dance as a club is provided through EDSARDA. This is in case someone gets hurt dancing and chooses to sue the club.

It was awesome to see so many Border City Square Dance Club members at the New England Convention this year!! We received several compliments on how well we all danced, with great praise for our newest members! If any are interested the National Convention is in Denver this year in June. See me if you would like more details!

The next board meeting is the annual meeting May 17, 2004 at the Church of the Good Shepard at 7PM. All members are encouraged to come!!

Happy Dancing!
Debbie Coit

Club Chair Report Chris Howard

April 10: Border City Squares moved north to the Mill-A-Round dance hall in Manchester for our April Plus level dance. Frank Lescrinier and Marilyn Rivenburg called and cued for this dance and provided a most entertaining evening for all who attended. With 12 dancers signing in for the Tech Squares retrieval, 14 from Heel & Toe for their retrieval, and 20 dancers from BCS we had a pretty good turnout considering the dance was held on Easter weekend

Debbie Coit was the host for the dance and chose "Disney" as the theme. Frank Lescrinier took full advantage of the theme to play lots of Disney music. He also made sure Debbie, as an April birthday girl, didn’t forget the theme she had chosen. He presented her with several Disney gifts including a pair of fluffy Pooh Bear slippers. Thanks to Wayne and Priscilla, Tammy, and Steve for coming to the dance early to help with setup.

Our next club dance will be on May 8th, and this will be a Mainstream level dance with two plus tips. Suptei Rogers will be calling and Phil Gatchell will be cueing for this dance. We hope to see all our newly graduated members at this dance. Setup for the dance will be at 12:30 at the Infant Jesus Church. Any help we can get will be greatly appreciated

Remaining BCS dances:




Level Caller Cuer
May 8 MS +2 Plus Suptei Rogers Phil Gatchell    
Jun 12 MS +2 Plus Mike Petitbon and Matt Auger Leo Boudreau Tammy Dorris Hawaiian Holiday (casual attire)

Banner Chair Report Harlinda Webb

April 3, 2004: BCS raided Concord Coach, Concord, NH for their Plus level dance with Kip and Linda Moulton teaming up to call and cue. Seven BCS members supported this raid: Bob Baker, Kathi Butt, Skip & Penny Guild, Preston Walsh, Tammy Dorris and Ed Jette.

April 10, 2004: BCS hosted Tech Squares to retrieve their banner. They attended with 12 dancers.

April 17, 2004: BCS raided Bradford Country Squares, Bradford, NH where Don Bachelor called a great dance with Phil Gatchell cueing. A couple of our most recent graduates attended this dance: Deb Mentch and Deane Clark who were accompanied by Chris Howard, Tammy Dorris, Anne-Marie Boucher, Bob Baker, Kathi Butt, Ed Jette and Harli Webb

May 1, 2004: BCS raided Concord Coach (again!!) at their 40th anniversary dance. There were two halls; mainstream/line dancing and plus/round dancing. It was a VERY hot night! There were probably 150+ dancers in attendance. BCS did their share to support this dance. We had 20 dancers in attendance: Tammy Dorris, Chris Howard, Paula Finamore, Bob Baker, Kathi Butt, Steve White, Deb Coit, Erica White, Deb Mentch, Sharon Ravan, Scott Henderson, Deane Clark, Leo Gravel, Patty & Steve Greene, Eric Magrath, Irene Morrissette, Skip & Penny Guild and Harli Webb. Way to go BCS!!!! I think we were the visiting club with the most dancers present!

Future Raids and Retrievals:

May 8, 2004: BCS will be hosting Heel and Toe to raid our banner and Acton Square Wheelers to retrieve their banner.

May 15, 2004: BCS will be retrieving our banner from Heel and Toe, Manchester, NH. This is Mainstream/Plus dance with Rich & Lynne Sbardella calling and Phil Gatchell cueing. There is no carpool for this dance.

May 22, 2004: BCS will be raiding Bradford Country Squares, Bradford, NH at their "Step ‘n Slide with Double Trouble" Mainstream/Plus dance. There will be A1 from 7-8PM. For those of you who aren’t aware of it, Double Trouble is the calling team of Mike Pettibon and Matt Auger! Don’t miss this one!!

June 5, 2004: BCS will again be visiting Concord Coach for their "Come as you are" dance with Ed and Corrine Renauld calling and cueing. This is a Mainstream/Plus dance with casual dress.

June 12, 2004: BCS will be hosting Single Squares and Riverside Squares to retrieve their banners.

June 26, 2004: BCS will be retrieving our banner from Wolf Rockers, Mason, NH. This is pretty late in the dance season but you won’t want to miss Matt Auger calling and Lou Boudreau cueing this Mainstream/Plus dance. The theme of this dance is "Ice Cream Social" – and it’s always GREAT ice cream!

This will end our official 2003-2004 dance season.

CARPOOL: The location of the carpool is at the Nashua Mall. When you pull into the Mall, turn right toward Kohl’s.

Class Chair Report Steve White

I am happy to report that we welcomed 11 new members into our club on April 19th!! The fun and festivities of graduation were enjoyed by all. I also want to thank all of our angels for helping the class out during the year. And a big thank you to all those who have assisted me with setup and take down each week. I couldn't have done it without you.

I would also like to highlight the fact that 7 of our new club members were in attendance at the New England Square and Round Dance Convention the weekend after they graduated. Everyone appears to have had a great time and several of them even danced in the FastTrack Hall. Their confidence and ability is a good reflection on our teacher, Patty, and our club. We received several positive comments from fellow dancers about our new club members and their dancing abilities.

Thanks again for a great year!! See you all in a square soon.

History Tidbit Tammy Dorris

Ray Aubut was the club caller from September 1991 until May 1995.


Border City Squares - Board of Directors 2003/2004

President Debbie Coit
Vice President Bruce Roberts
Secretary Kathi Butt
Treasurer Anne-Marie Boucher
Club Chairperson Chris Howard
Class Chairperson

Steve White

Banner Chairperson Harli Webb
Publicity Chairperson Skip Guild


The board discussed the price issue in great length before making the difficult decision to raise our 2004-2005 dues. Club dues help to defray the following expenses: insurance coverage through NSSARDA, monthly newsletters, postage, advertising and flyers to other clubs promoting our club dances. We pay $175.00 for our Saturday night use of the hall at Infant Jesus Church. It will increase to $200.00 in the fall. We had to raise the cost of our monthly club dance to $6.00 to help cover this rising cost. If anyone knows of a less expensive place to hold our monthly dances, please let the board know. If you have any questions, please see any of the board members.

Thank you,

2003-2004 Border City Squares Board



June 1, 2004 – May 31, 2005

The rate structure is designed so a single form may accommodate each family unit.

First Family Member ($20.00) Name:____________________________ $ 20.00
Second Family Member ($15.00) Name:____________________________ ______
Child (17 and under) ($10.00) Name:____________________________ ______
(* if in addition to a paid adult membership)  
Additional Family Members at No Charge ($0.00) Name:____________________________ ______
    TOTAL ______

Address: _______________________________________
City: _______________ State: _______ Zip:________
Telephone: _____________________ (Publish telephone? Yes ___ No ___)
E-Mail: ________________________________
Best Way to Contact You: Phone ___________ E-Mail _________
Payment Received: $ ____________
Date: _____________ Cash $ __________ Check# ____________

Payment of your 2004-2005 dues would be appreciated before June 20, 2004.
Return form and payment during any Monday workshop, or you mail to:

Border City Squares
PO Box 6082
Nashua, NH 03063


May 2004








            1 Raid - Concord Coach (M/S & Plus)
2 3 Continue Mainstream Teach 7-8:30, Rounds 8:30-10 4 5 6 7 8 BCS Dance – Mainstream & 2 Plus Tips
9 10 Continue Mainstream Teach 7-8:30, Rounds 8:30-10 11 12 13 14 15 Retrieval – Heel & Toe – Mainstream & Plus
16 17 Annual Meeting 7-8:30 Rounds 8:30-10 18 19 20 21 22 Raid – Bradford Country Squares – Mainstream & Plus (A1 7-8)
23 24 Continue Mainstream Teach 7-8:30, Rounds 8:30-10 25 26 27 28 29
30 31 [No Workshop]


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