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  April 2004  
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April is filled with lots of activities!  Most important to the club would be our class graduation!  Our time to celebrate with our new club members!  We will celebrate all our new members on April 19, 2004!!  Let's all come out and support them, they deserve it! They've worked hard all year, now it's time to party!  Please bring finger foods to the celebration.

The other big event in April is the New England Square and Round Dance Convention!  I encourage everyone to go and have some fun!  You can go for the whole experience or just a flavoring of it with a one-day ribbon that you can get at the door.  There is a trail-in dance Thursday April 22 in the evening, dancing all day Friday and Saturday April 23-24 and a trail-out dance on Sunday April 25!  There's a fun sunrise dance Saturday morning and don't forget the after parties that go after 11PM!

I would like to thank everyone for being so flexible and understanding with all the moves we've had lately!!  It is really appreciated! We are all doing our best to keep this great club of ours going!  Don't forget April 12th we will be at Arlington Street United Methodist Church (2nd Mondays), otherwise we are still at the Church of the Good Shepherd.

We have our Annual Meeting in May.  I would like everyone to take some time and seriously think about how you can help the club.  We need a board of dancers to guide the direction of the club.  Also some of the positions would greatly appreciate help doing their jobs if you don't think you can make the full commitment maybe you could help one out!  Also please think about what day of the week would be good for you to move our class night.  We'd like to be able to consistently meet at the same place every week so to do that at the Church of the Good Shepherd we need to change nights.  We are also looking into changing the night of our Saturday monthly dances so we don't have as many clubs to share dancers in the area.

Please remember that dues are due in June!  It is extremely important that everyone gets them paid on time so we can pay our bills, especially the insurance bill that we get in June.

The next board meeting will be at ____ PM at ____'s home.  As always, the meetings are open to all club members (including class members).  Please see me prior to the meeting if there is anything you would like to have discussed at the meeting.

Spring is here, the weather is getting better every day!  Let's get out and dance!

Happy Dancing!
Debbie Coit

Club Chair Report Chris Howard

March 13: Our class members again did themselves proud by hosting an excellent dance with the theme of "Spring Fever". Decorations were excellent thanks to the help provided by Sharon, Scott, Deb, Leo, Erica, Anne Marie, Tammy, Steve, and Debbie. Dave Perrault provided great calling, keeping the pace up, the call combinations interesting, and the level exactly right for our own class and visitors from other clubs. With no round dancing, we all had plenty of opportunity to square dance. Turkey Town, with 8 dancers, and Concord Coach, with 12 dancers, retrieved their banners at the dance. There were also 5 guests from other clubs along with 29 dancers from BCS.


My special thanks to Anne-Marie for setting up and cleaning up the kitchen this past dance. Usually Penny does the kitchen chores, and I really appreciate it. While I know what has to be done, the help provided by Penny and Anne-Marie and many others has made my job as Club Chair so much easier. This is a great club, and it is largely due to the generous assistance of so many of our members.

Our next club dance will be on April 10th, and this will be a Plus level dance with calling by Frank Lescrinier and cueing by Marilyn Rivenburg. The theme for the dance is "Disney," so everyone is encouraged to dress as his or her favorite Disney character.

Please note: The April dance will be held in the Mill-A-Round Dance hall in Manchester on Commercial St. just a few hundred yards north of Granite St.!

There will be no early setup, but those who wish to help with the final preparations should plan to be at the Mill-A-Round by around 7:15.

Remaining BCS dances:




Level Caller Cuer
Apr 10 Plus Frank Lescrinier Marilyn Rivenburg Debbie Coit Disney (come as your favorite)
May 8 MS +2 Plus Suptei Rogers Phil Gatchell    
Jun 12 MS +2 Plus Mike Petitbon and Matt Auger Leo Boudreau Tammy Dorris Hawaiian Holiday (casual attire)

Banner Chair Report Harlinda Webb

March 13, 2004: BCS hosted Turkey Town Trotters with 8 members and Concord Coach with 12 members to retrieve their banners.

March 14, 2004: BCS raided SeaCoast Squares, Sacred Heart School, Hampton, NH at their Mainstream dance with two plus tips. John Hendron was calling and Phil Gatchell cueing. Those BCS members supporting the club were Alice Renauld, Eric Magrath, Tammy Dorris, Kathi Butt, Chris Howard, Bruce Roberts and Irene Morrissette.

March 19, 2004: BCS raided Single Squares in Woburn, MA for this mainstream dance with 2 Plus calls. Chris Pinkham called and Birgit Maguire cued.

March 20, 2004: BCS raided Heel and Toe, Manchester, NH for their mainstream/plus dance with Shawn Cuddy calling and Bernie Porter cueing. [Update: Two unsuccessful raids last weekend.  Only two BCS dancers showed up at the Single Squares dance on Friday, March 19th, and only one BCS dancer was at the Heel & Toe dance on Saturday, March 20th.  Successful (sort of) raid to the Jesters last night, March 27th, with 7 people signing in for BCS: Kathi, Bob, Eric, Irene, Chris, Tammy, and Ed Jette.]

March 27, 2004: BCS will be raiding Jester’s Square Dance Club, Maplewood Elementary School, Somersworth, NH. This is a first time exchange with this club!! Please come and support them! Joe Casey will be calling and Phil Gatchell will be cueing.

Future Raids and Retrievals:

April 3, 2004: BCS will be raiding Concord Coach, Concord, NH for their Plus level dance with Kip and Linda Moulton teaming up to call and cue this night. This is their Spring Fling dance.

FUTURE NOTE: BCS will be raiding Concord Coach at their 40th anniversary dance on May 1, 2004. Please save this date and commit to coming to this exchange. Shawn Cuddy is calling Plus, George McGibbon is calling Mainstream, Bernie Porter is cueing and Don Carleton will be doing Country Line Dancing. This is NOT a dance to miss!!! The cost for the evening is $10 per person at the door BUT we can get a group rate of $7 per person ONLY IF we can commit to at LEAST eight dancers in advance. CAN WE DO IT????? I have 3 so far, who else would like to join the party?

CARPOOL: The location of the carpool is at the Nashua Mall. When you pull into the Mall, turn right toward Kohl’s.

Tentative Border City Raids & Retrievals

Date Club Raid/
Caller/Cuer Theme Level Location
17-Apr-04 Bradford Squares ? Don Bachelder/
Phil Gatchell
Graduates Grand Square M/P Bradford Town Hall, Main Street, Bradford, NH
1-May-04 Concord Coach ? Shawn Cuddy/
Bernie Porter
40th Anniversary Dance M/P Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
15-May-04 Heel & Toe Retreive Rich & Lynne Sbardella/
Phil Gatchell
  M/P Bishop O'Neil Community Center, Manchester, NH
22-May-03 Bradford Squares ? Mike Pettibo/
Matt Auger
Step 'n Slide with Double Trouble M/P* Bradford Town Hall, Main Street, Bradford, NH
5-Jun-04 Concord Coach ? Ed Renauld/
Corrine Renauld
Come As You Are M/P Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
M = Mainstream P = Plus C=Class
* = 7-8 dancing at one level above dance level
** = Early Rounds 1:30
? = depends on visits to BCS in between visits to neighboring club

Class Chair Report Steve White

The class hosted its second dance on March 13th. There was a great turnout for the dance and the class did a great job decorating for this dance. Special thanks to Scott and Sharon for hosting the dance and to all the people who helped with the setup and takedown for the dance.

The final big event for the class will be Graduation on April 19th. The class has been working very hard to prepare for graduation and our 11 class members are looking forward to becoming full club members soon. It would be wonderful to have a strong turnout of club members to welcome these new members into our club at graduation. I hope to see everyone there to join in the fun and games!!

History Tidbit Tammy Dorris

Let's Make Some Convention Memories. . .

Due to unforeseen circumstances I will not be able to attend this year's New England Square and Round Dance Convention in VT. So I'm asking for those who attend to help make some memories for this year's club scrapbook. Any convention ribbons, flyers/handouts, photos, etc. would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank - you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Border City Squares - Board of Directors 2003/2004

President Debbie Coit
Vice President Bruce Roberts
Secretary Kathi Butt
Treasurer Anne-Marie Boucher
Club Chairperson Chris Howard
Class Chairperson

Steve White

Banner Chairperson Harli Webb
Publicity Chairperson Skip Guild


April 2004








        1 2 3 Raid Concord Coach (40th Anniv) MS, Plus, Country
4 5 MS Class 7-8:30 / Rounds Teach 8:30-10 6 7 8 9 10 BCS Dance @ Mill-A-Round
(Disney Dance) Plus
11 12 MS Class 7-8:30 / Rounds Teach 8:30-10 [Alternate Location] 13 14 15 16 17 Raid Bradford Squares (MS/Plus)
18 19 Class Graduation / Rounds Teach 8:30-10 20 21 22 NESRD Convention 23 NESRD Convention 24 NESRD Convention
25 NESRD Convention 26 MS Class 7-8:30 / Rounds Teach 8:30-10 27 28 29 30  

May 1 – Raid Concord Coach (MS/Plus)

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