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lessons and replace them with rounds for the 8:30- 10:00 time frame.  These are open to anyone who would like to learn to round dance.  No round dance experience necessary.  Phase 2 is the beginner's stage!  Let's do our


I hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday season!!  Now it is time to get back to dancing and work at keeping those New Year's Resolutions that were made! 

Our Holiday Party was a great time!  We danced, we ate, we swapped gifts and danced some more!  If we do a Yankee Swap again next year I have more ideas of how to make it more interesting for those not so desirable gifts!  Where did those teddy bear slippers end up anyway? 

February 2nd we will be starting our Phase 2 Two-Step Round dance classes.  These will be taking the place of the plus lessons we have now.  The mainstream classes will continue on unchanged.  We will finish up the plus

best to let Phil Gatchel feel welcomed and needed with a big class for him to teach!  Rounds are a lot of fun!  It allows you to dance all night, if you want to that is.  If you don't have a partner, don't worry about it.  Come anyway!  We will not, necessarily, be providing partners but it can be learned without one.  Obviously it's best to have a partner but don't not come just because you don't have a partner.  This way you can still learn and go to dances and find someone there without a partner and dance with them!

The next board meeting will be January 22, 2004 at 7PM at my home.  As always, the meetings are open to all club members.  Please see me prior to the meeting if there is anything you would like to have discussed at the meeting.

Happy Dancing!

Debbie Coit

Border City Squares - Board of Directors 2003/2004
President Debbie Coit
Vice President Bruce Roberts
Secretary Kathi Butt
Treasurer Anne-Marie Boucher
Club Chairperson Chris Howard
Class Chairperson

Steve White

Banner Chairperson Harli Thoene
Publicity Chairperson Skip Guild

Club Chair Report Chris Howard

December 13: Well, we tried, but it is pretty hard to compete with everyone’s busy Christmas schedule. In spite of good calling and cueing from Steve Xeller and Phil Gatchell, our December dance was not well attended: there were only a little over three squares of dancers. Those who attended had a good time, but we sure could have used more dancers. We only had one club raiding – Heel and Toe with 11 dancers. Bob and Louise Griffin, Presidents of EDSARDA, were with us as was Harili’s step daughter, Rhiannon.

Thanks to Anne-Marie Boucher and Cheryl Palucchi, the decorations for the sports theme were both unusual and well done. Nice touch with the peanuts and pretzel trays on the tables. Thanks also to Wayne and Priscilla Griffin, Bill and Vivian Thompson, Dave and Mary Raymond, Debbie Coit, and Steve White for helping with the setup.

Our next club dance is on January 10th, and it will be a class level dance with what has become our traditional Pajama Party theme. For the past few years this has been one of our most popular dances, so be sure to come, and please bring extra food for the hungry dancers. The caller and cuer for this dance will be Noah and Barbara Nutting.

2003-2004 BCS Dances




Level Caller Cuer
Jan. 10, 2004 Class Pajama Party Class Noah Nutting Barbara Nutting
Feb 14, 2004 Harli Thoene (Webb?) & Kathi Butt All the President's Men and Women MS & 2 Plus Tom Rinker Corinne Renauld
Mar 13, 2004 Class   Class Dave Perrault None
Apr 10, 2004 Debbie Coit   Plus Frank Lescrinier Marilyn Rivenburg
May 8, 2004     MS & 2 Plus Suptei Rogers Phil Gatchell
Jun. 12, 2004 Tammy Doris Hawaiian Holiday Casual (or Hawaiin) dress MS & 2 Plus Patty Greene, Mike PetitBon, Matt Auger Leo Boudreau

Banner Chair Report Harlinda Thoene

January 17, 2004 BCS will be raiding Bradford Country Squares, Bradford, NH. This is a CLASS level dance with Lenny Stratton and Vera Prudhomme calling and cueing.

PLEASE NOTE REGARDING CARPOOLING!!! The location of the meeting spot has changed due to construction at the Nashua Mall. When you pull into the Mall, turn right toward Kohl’s rather than left toward the Kiosk. Park in the outer spaces along Broad Street near the entrance.

Border City Raids & Retrievals

Date Club Raid/
Caller/Cuer Theme Level Location
17-Jan-04 Bradford Squares ? Lenny Stratton/
Vera Prudhomme
Turn Thru Twirl C Bradford Town Hall, Main Street, Bradford, NH
7-Feb-04 Concord Coach ? Skip Brown/
Betty Ann Brown
Hearts-A-Fire P* Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
21-Feb-04 Tech Squares Raid Don Beck/
Phil Gatchell
  P MIT Student Center (building W20), 84 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA
28-Feb-04 Turkey Town Raid Joe Casey/
Marilyn Rivenburg
  P Franklin School, North Andover, MA
6-Mar-04 Concord Coach ? Dona Prudhomme/ Birgit Maguire Green Dance M Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
19-Mar-04 Single Squares Raid Chris Pinkham/
Birgit Maguire
  M/2P Saint Anthony's Hall, Route 38 (1020 Main Street) Woburn, MA
20-Mar-04 Heel & Toe Raid Shawn Cuddy/
Bernie Porter
  M/P Bishop O'Neil Community Center, Manchester, NH
3-Apr-04 Concord Coach ? Kip & Linda Moulton Spring Fling P Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
17-Apr-04 Bradford Squares ? Don Bachelder/
Phil Gatchell
Graduates Grand Square M/P Bradford Town Hall, Main Street, Bradford, NH
1-May-04 Concord Coach ? Shawn Cuddy/
Bernie Porter
40th Anniversary Dance M/P Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
15-May-04 Heel & Toe Retreive Rich & Lynne Sbardella/
Phil Gatchell
  M/P Bishop O'Neil Community Center, Manchester, NH
22-May-03 Bradford Squares ? Mike PetitBon/
Matt Auger
Step 'n Slide with Double Trouble M/P* Bradford Town Hall, Main Street, Bradford, NH
5-Jun-04 Concord Coach ? Ed Renauld/
Corinne Renauld
Come As You Are M/P Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
M = Mainstream P = Plus C=Class
* = 7-8 dancing at one level above dance level
** = Early Rounds 1:30
? = depends on visits to BCS in between visits to neighboring club

Class Chair Report Steve White

Welcome back to our class members!! This coming Saturday (1/10) we will be hosting our first class dance. The theme will be a pajama party and Noah Nutting will be calling with his wife Barbara doing the cueing. Class members are expected to help setup for the dance, help out during the dance, and then help take down after the dance.

Below is an updated list of class dances that are coming up in the next few months. I will try to arrange carpools for these dances and have signup sheets for them in advance. If anyone has any questions, please see me.Class Level Dances for this dance season (Class, please note that by the end of April you will all be able to attend any Mainstream level dance):

Date Club Location Caller Cuer Notes
10 Jan 04 Border City Squares Nashua NH Noah Nutting Barbara Nutting Pajama Party (Our Club Hosting)
17 Jan 04 Bradford Country Squares Bradford NH Lenny Stratton Vera Prudhomme Turn Thru Twirl
13 Feb 04 Seacoast Region Dover NH Darrell Sprague None Valentine Class Level Ball, Location: Dover City Hall, 6:30-9:30PM
28 Feb 04 Wolf Rockers Mason, NH Charlie McLeod None  
07 Mar 04 WACA Annual Square Dance West Boylston, MA Matt Auger, Don Bachelder, Lenny Stratton, Mike PetitBon, Dan Sorano, Dave Smith, & Dave Lamoureux Leo Boudreau & Kathy Reardon Free Parking, Claudia's Western Shoppe, Dancing 2-5:30PM Awards 5:30-6PM $5 adv/$6 at door
13 Mar 04 Border City Squares Nashua, NH Dave Perrault None Our class hosting
19 Mar 04 Square Riggers Westwood, MA Everett Mackin Marge Headen  
20 Mar 04 Riverside Squares Danvers, MA Chris Pinkham None Location: St. Alphonsus Church

History Tidbit Tammy Dorris

Although square dancing can be traced as far back as 17th century England, the square dancing that you and I know really began in the 1950’s. A big step for square dancing was in 1971 when the international organization of callers named Callerlab was founded. This organization helped facilitate the exchange of square dancing information and standardize square dance steps. Through time, the levels of square dancing (i.e. Mainstream, Plus) that we know of today went through many changes. Did you know that there was once an Extended Basic Program with 54 calls? Or a Mainstream Plus 1 level with 69 calls. Experimental calls were defined as suggested calls for use during workshops and Mainstream dances and some became part of the present levels we know of today.

What’s In a Name?

Answers to last month’s What’s In a Name?

A) Turn Unders and Twirls - Two people take designated hands and either or both, according to the requirements of the movement, turn under a raised hand and both end facing in a new direction

B) Wagon Wheel Spin - Following an allemande turn partner by the right full around. Man give lady a start (gently) so lady can twirl or turn once and a half times alone.

C) Split Your Corner - The active persons move forward and turn to pass between the couple formed by their corner and their corner’s partner

D) Boomps – a – Daisy - To bump hips or rears with one another

E) ) Swat the Flea (Box the Flea) – Partners join left hands and the lady makes a right face turn under the man’s raised left arm as the man walks forward and does a half left face turn. They finish facing each other. Used to reverse direction and exchange places.

F) Four Couples Suzy Q (Chinese Knot) – In a square, men start moving clockwise and the ladies start counter-clockwise. Pass corner, men on the outside. Meet opposites and turn half way around with a right forearm. Now, with the men moving clockwise retrace steps, men on the outside, pass the same girl and turn partner with a left forearm. Repeat, ending by turning partner with a Courtesy Turn

G) Twist the Line – Starting from a line of four, the center two steps forward and California Twirl, while the ends face in and Star Thru

H) Cross Trail (Trail Thru) - Two active couples meet and passing right shoulders Pass Thru. The lady (or person on the right) crosses in front of her partner to the left, while the man (or person on the left) crosses behind or to the right

I) Swap Around - From any two facing couples. Right hand person walks across (straight ahead). Left Hand person turns right to face, taking the spot vacated by partner. Couples end up facing out with new partner.

Bonus Questions

California Twirl was once called Frontier Whirl

The Foot Couple is the same as the Third Couple (1942)

* These calls and their definitions were found in square dance instructional material mostly from the 1960’s and the 1970’s.


January 2004








        1 New Years Day 2 3
4 5 M/S Class
7-8:30 / Plus
Teach 8:30-10
6 7 8 9 10
BCS Class Dance –
Pajama Party
11 12 M/S Class
7-8:30 / Plus
Teach 8:30-10
13 14 15 16 17 Raid - Bradford Country Squares (Class)
18 19 M/S Class
7-8:30 / Plus
Teach 8:30-10
20 21 22 BCS Board Meeting - Debbie Coit 23 24
25 26 M/S Class
7-8:30 / Plus
Teach 8:30-10
27 28 29 30 31

Feb 2 - Start Phase 2 Round Dance Lessons
Feb 7 - Raid - Concord Coach (Plus)
Feb 14 - BCS Dance (MS & 2 Plus)

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