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  November 2003  


We have turned our clocks back for another winter! Where did the summer go anyway? What better way to stay warm than to get out and dance! Everyone receiving this newsletter loves to dance! So where is everyone? This is what I would like to know. Lately we have had poor participation in raids and retrievals especially. We had over four squares dancing at our Halloween Party! That was really awesome! But where are you all every other Monday night and other times for raids/ retrievals? This is a member run club. We need more member participation if you want this club to continue to exist. The small few that are active now won’t want to run the club forever alone.

Thank you to those that donated money towards the club’s donation to the Square Dance Foundation. I donated it in the memory of both Sonya Fredriksson and Bruce Williams. The Foundation was very grateful for the donation. Thank you!

The Friendship Festival was a great dance! The couple pulled from the hat to represent NSSARDA was Tom and Pauline Barkalow from the Baldwin Apple Square Dance Club. Steve White and I were chosen

to represent Border City Squares at the dance. We thank you for giving us the honor of representing a great club!

If you are up for a drive on Sunday, November 23 there is a whole afternoon of dancing to be taken in! The 28th Annual Western Mass Fall Festival is happening in Chicopee, MA. There will be vendors! There will be dancing for everyone! Yes, everyone! That means you newer dancers as well! Vendors open at noon, new dancer and mainstream is 1pm – 6pm, plus is 2pm – 6pm with A1 star tip. We have flyers with directions and other info. I also have ribbons. They are $6 per person early or $8 at the door. I will leave them with the Treasurer if you would like to purchase them and save a couple of bucks!

The next board meeting will be November 20, 2003 at 7pm at Bruce Robert’s home. As always, the meetings are open to all club members. Please see me prior to the meeting if there is anything you would like to have discussed at the meeting.

Happy Dancing!
Debbie Coit

Border City Squares Board of Directors 2003/2004
President Debbie Coit
Vice President Bruce Roberts
Secretary Kathi Butt
Treasurer Anne-Marie Boucher
Club Chairperson Chris Howard
Class Chairperson

Steve White

Banner Chairperson Harli Thoene
Publicity Chairperson Skip Guild

Wedding Bells Kathi Butt

Harlinda Thoene and Robert Webb were joined together in Holy Matrimony on Saturday, September 27th, 2003 at the First Congregational Church in Manchester.
Church It was a beautiful ceremony. Along with the traditional ceremony, prayers and wedding vows, Harli and Robb each wrote their own personal and heartfelt vows. Rob’s children, Robbie and Rhiannon, were members of the bridal party. Harli’s niece and nephew sang Noel Paul Stookey’s "The Wedding Song". Pictures may be viewed at www.artswensonphotography.com

For their honeymoon Harli and Robb spent a week in London, England. The following week their children joined them for a week at Disney World.

Bride and Groom
Border City Square members who attended were Kathi Butt, Norma & Chris Howard.

Best wishes and congratulations to Harli and Rob.

Club Chair Report Chris Howard

October 11: I think this is the first time I have been to a club dance with three callers! Thanks so much to Al Rouff and Ed Renauld for filling in during the first half hour while we waited for our "misplaced" caller. Kevin Bersing arrived a half hour late, and, fortunately for us, Al Rouff had a few records in his car, and he and Ed Renauld graciously called a few tips for us while we waited for Kevin to arrive. Once he arrived, Kevin gave us some excellent calling with a number of unusual call combinations that kept everyone entertained. It was a real pleasure to have Corinne Renauld with us again to provide her excellent cueing for the round dances. Thanks go to Dave and Mary Raymond for hosting the dance and to Skip and Penny Guild and Wayne and Priscilla Griffin for helping with the setup.

We had 19 members of Border City Squares in attendance. Concord Coach brought 11 dancers, and the Wolf Rockers sent 8 dancers to retrieve their banners. Turkey Town and Sea Coast sent 14 and 11 dancers for their raids, and Happy Time Squares brought four dancers and "borrowed" one dancer from the Hayloft and two from Heel and Toe to make up 7 dancers for their raid. We also had two guests from the Bradford Country Squares.

THANK YOU!! to everyone who stayed after the dance to help with cleanup and setup for the church event which was held on the Sunday after our dance. I am not at all sure what happened to our communications with Infant Jesus Church. I know they knew we were dancing that night, and I had already been told about the need for setting up the chairs in front of the stage. However the last-minute requirement to set up all the additional tables came as a total surprise. Your cheerful cooperation in response to this unexpected need says great things about our club.

Our Next Border City Squares dance will be on November 8th, and the caller will be Matt Auger and the cuer will be Barbara Nutting. This will be a plus level dance. No one from the club has volunteered to host this dance, so there will be no theme. We will still need food for hungry dancers, and if you can help with setup, please plan to be at the Infant Jesus hall at 12:30 that day.

PLEASE HELP! In addition to not having a host for the upcoming November dance, we need a host for the May 8th dance which will be a Mainstream dance with Suptei Rogers and Phil Gatchell. It would be nice if someone besides board members would give us a hand by volunteering.

2003-2004 BCS Dances




Level Caller Cuer
Nov. 8, 2003     Plus Matt Auger Barbara Nutting
Dec. 13, 2003 Cheryl Palucchi & Anne Marie Boucher "Team Spirit" Come dressed as your favorite sport. Plus Steve Xeller Phill Gatchell
Jan. 10, 2004 Class Pajama Party Class Noah Nutting Barbara Nutting
Feb 14, 2004 Harli Thoene (Webb?) & Kathi Butt All the President's Men and Women MS & 2 Plus Tom Rinker Corinne Renauld
Mar 13, 2004 Class   Class Dave Perrault None
Apr 10, 2004 Debbie Coit   Plus Frank Lescrinier Marilyn Rivenburg
May 8, 2004     MS & 2 Plus Suptei Rogers Phil Gatchell
Jun. 12, 2004 Tammy Doris Hawaiian Holiday Casual (or Hawaiin) dress MS & 2 Plus Patty Greene, Mike PetitBon, Matt Auger Leo Boudreau


Member of several GB radio clubs

Bruce L. Williams, 55, of Hollis, died Friday, Sept. 26, 2003, at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Mass.

Mr. Williams was born Nov. 22, 1947, in Boston, son of William and Betty (Phillips) Williams of Hollis. He had been a resident of Hollis for the past 29 years, prior to which he had lived in Merrimack and Stoneham, Mass.

He had been employed as a home inspector with Williams Home Inspection in Hollis for 20 years.

Mr. Williams was a member of the James E. Coffey Post 3, American Legion and the Lafayette Athletic Club. He was a member of the

  Border City Square Dancers. He enjoyed CB radios and was a member of several CB radio clubs. He was also a fan of wrestling. He was known to have a great personality and enjoyed meeting new people.

He was a member of Faith Baptist Church in Hollis.

Mr. Williams was a graduate of Stoneham (Mass.) High School.

Besides his parents, survivors include a brother, Brian Williams of Nashua; a sister and brother-in-law, Beth and James Jackson of Brookline; two nephews, Caley O’Connell and his wife, Sabrina, of Merrimack and Jamie O’Connell of Merrimack.

Davis Funeral Home in Nashua is in charge of arrangements.

Banner Chair Report Harlinda Webb

September 27, 2003: BCS raided Wolf Rockers in Mason, NH. Matt Auger was calling this Mainstream/Plus dance and Marilyn Rivenburg was cueing. Thanks to Debbie Coit and Steve White for leading this carpool. Thanks to Anne-Marie Boucher, Deb Coit, Steve White, Skip & Penny Guild, Tammy Dorris, Chris Howard, Kathi Butt, Preston Walsh and Cheryl Palucchi for supporting the club on this raid.

October 4, 2003: BCS raided Concord Coach, Concord, NH. This Mainstream raid, with Dennis Marsh calling and Phil Gatchell cueing, was supported by Chris Howard, Tammy Dorris, Steve White, Debbie Coit and Kathi Butt. Thanks to Debbie and Steve for leading this carpool.

October 10, 2003: BCS raided Square Wheelers in Acton, MA. The caller for their 40th Anniversary dance was Jim Mayo and the cuer was Sandi Simmons. Thanks to Chris Howard for leading this raid which was supported by Patty and Steve Greene, Clay and Dottie Todd, Chris Howard, Debbie Coit, Steve White, Kathi Butt, Tammy Dorris, Skip and Penny Guild, Bruce Roberts. Dottie won a prize for being the 40th person to enter the dance and Debbie won a prize for being the 40th person to buy a pot-of-gold ticket. Congratulations ladies!

October 18, 2003: BCS retrieved our banner from Heel & Toe, Manchester, NH at this Mainstream/Plus dance with Dona and Vera Prudhomme calling and cueing. The dance was supported by the following BCS members: Tammy Dorris, Tony Andrade, Della Nabydoski, Chris Howard, Clay and Dottie Todd, Debbie Coit, Steve White, Preston Walsh and Harli Webb.

October 25, 2003: BCS retrieved our banner from Turkey Town Trotters in N. Andover, MA. Phil Kandrut was calling and Carol McGee cueing. This Plus dance was supported by Tony Andrade, Della Mabydoski, Chris Howard, Kathi Butt, Tammy Dorris, Steve & Patty Greene and Skip & Penny Guild. Thanks, everyone!

Future Raids and Retrievals:

November 1, 2003: BCS will be raiding Concord Coach. This will be a Plus dance with Lenny Stratton calling and Vera Prudhomme cueing. The team of the dance is "Dear" Hunting.

November 15, 2003: BCS will be raiding Heel & Toe, Manchester, NH. This is a Mainstream/Plus dance with Skip and Betty Ann Brown calling and cueing.

November 30, 2003: BCS will be retrieving our banner from Pepperell Squares, at their Mainstream dance on this SUNDAY. The dance is from 2-5 with rounds starting at 1:30. They dance at the Biddeford, Maine Community Center, 189 Alfred St. Joe Casey will be calling and Phil Gatchell will be cueing. PLEASE sign up for this dance. The ride is a little long but the dance is great!! Everyone from New Hampshire seems to be there!!

Border City Raids & Retrievals

Date Club Raid/
Caller/Cuer Theme Level Location
1-Nov-03 Concord Coach Retrieval Lenny Stratton/
Vera Prudhomme
"Dear" Hunting M/P Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
15-Nov-03 Heel & Toe Raid Skip Brown/
Betty Ann Brown
  M/P Bishop O'Neil Community Center, Manchester, NH
30-Nov-03 Pepperell Squares Retreive Joe Casey/
Phil Gatchell
Note: Dance 2-5PM SUNDAY M** Biddeford Community Center, 189 Alfred St, Biddeford, ME
12-Dec-03 Single Squares Retreive Matt Auger/
Phil Gatchell
  M/2P Saint Anthony's Hall, Route 38 (1020 Main Street) Woburn, MA
20-Dec-03 Heel & Toe Raid Ed Renauld/
Corinne Renauld
Christmas DINNER & Dance M/P Bishop O'Neil Community Center, Manchester, NH
17-Jan-04 Bradford Squares ? Lenny Stratton/
Vera Prudhomme
Turn Thru Twirl C Bradford Town Hall, Main Street, Bradford, NH
7-Feb-04 Concord Coach ? Skip Brown/
Betty Ann Brown
Hearts-A-Fire P* Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
21-Feb-04 Tech Squares Raid Don Beck/
Phil Gatchell
  P MIT Student Center (building W20), 84 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA
28-Feb-04 Turkey Town Raid Joe Casey/
Marilyn Rivenburg
  P Franklin School, North Andover, MA
6-Mar-04 Concord Coach ? Dona Prudhomme/ Birgit Maguire Green Dance M Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
19-Mar-04 Single Squares Raid Chris Pinkham/
Birgit Maguire
  M/2P Saint Anthony's Hall, Route 38 (1020 Main Street) Woburn, MA
20-Mar-04 Heel & Toe Raid Shawn Cuddy/
Bernie Porter
  M/P Bishop O'Neil Community Center, Manchester, NH
3-Apr-04 Concord Coach ? Kip & Linda Moulton Spring Fling P Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
17-Apr-04 Bradford Squares ? Don Bachelder/
Phil Gatchell
Graduates Grand Square M/P Bradford Town Hall, Main Street, Bradford, NH
1-May-04 Concord Coach ? Shawn Cuddy/
Bernie Porter
40th Anniversary Dance M/P Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
15-May-04 Heel & Toe Retreive Rich & Lynne Sbardella/
Phil Gatchell
  M/P Bishop O'Neil Community Center, Manchester, NH
22-May-03 Bradford Squares ? Mike PetitBon/
Matt Auger
Step 'n Slide with Double Trouble M/P* Bradford Town Hall, Main Street, Bradford, NH
5-Jun-04 Concord Coach ? Ed Renauld/
Corinne Renauld
Come As You Are M/P Howard Recreation Center (off Route 202), Concord, NH
M = Mainstream P = Plus C=Class
* = 7-8 dancing at one level above dance level
** = Early Rounds 1:30
? = depends on visits to BCS in between visits to neighboring club

Round Dancing Ed & Corinne Renauld

Corinne and I have decided to start teaching rounds again. We will be teaching Beginners on Tuesdays starting October 14 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and Phase III/IV on Wednesdays starting October 15 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Lessons will be at our house at 8 Pearl Brook Rd, West Townsend, MA and will be $12 per couple.

We would appreciate your help to get the word out. Our decision to teach again and where to teach was late in coming so we haven't been able to advertise as well as we would have liked.

I've attached directions to our house for those of you who would like to come.

Our best to all of you,

Ed and Corinne Renauld

From Townsend Center (intersection of Routes 119 and 13). - West on 119 for approx 3 miles (about 5 minutes)
mile past the VFW go left on Pearl Brook Rd
4th house on the left (the only ranch house)

Map to Ed  & Corinne Renaulds Home

Class Chair Report Steve White

At this point, our new class seems to be holding at 12 dancers. The new class members are fast learners according to Patty and they are enjoying the lessons. I want to thank all of our angels who join us each week to help out our new class members.

There was a great turnout for this years Halloween dance. We had several class and club members in costume and a great time was had by all. It was great to see so many club members turn out for the dance. I also want to thank everyone for all the help with setup, take down, and refreshments. It made my job much easier that night.

I would like to ask the club for some help with refreshments on Monday nights. As most of you know, the club is losing money most Monday nights to hold the lessons, so I basically have only the money we raise through coffee sales to help cover the costs of snacks, half and half for coffee, and ice each week. If one or two club members would be willing to bring in a little something for goodies each week, then there will be more for everyone to snack on.

Thanks for your help!


November 2003








            1 Raid Concord Coach (MS/Plus)
2 3 MS Class 7-8:30 / Plus Teach 8:30-10 4 5 6 7 8 BCS Dance (Plus)
9 10 MS Class 7-8:30 / Plus Teach 8:30-10 11 12 13 14 15 Raid Heel & Toe (MS/Plus)
16 17 MS Class 7-8:30 / Plus Teach 8:30-10 18 19 20 BCS Board Meeting – Bruce Robert’s 21 22
23 28th Annual Western Mass Fall Festival 24 MS Class 7-8:30 / Plus Teach 8:30-10 25 26 27

28 29
30 Retrieve Pepperell Squares (MS)

Dec 12 Single Squares (MS/Plus)             Dec 13 – BCS Dance (Plus)

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