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  June 2003  


Welcome to Summer! It is unofficially here, officially before the month is out! I’d like to thank everyone that was involved in making the Anniversary Dance such a great success! Everyone had a great time! Thank YOU!

We will be having a club summer fun pool party at Chris and Norma Howard’s home on August 23rd! Stay tuned for more details! Thank you for the use of your home!

Summer dance program appears to need revamping. We will start next week with the all position Mainstream workshop plus some fun interesting things such as 2 and 6 couple squares later in the evening. The workshop will run 7:00 to 9:30! This will all be

open to Mainstream dancers! It is just different ways of having fun! It is unfortunate that we no longer have a January class but this is where we are. I would love to see lots of faces having fun this summer! Don’t forget to come dancing during the summer!

The next board meeting will be Sunday, June 29, 2003 at 2 PM at Chris Howard's home. The change over meeting/party will start at 11 am with the grill and pool open. Please bring an outdoor chair, whatever sort of meat you'd like to have and something to share. As always, the meetings are open to all club members. Please see me prior to the meeting if there is anything you would like to have discussed at the meeting.

Happy Dancing!
Debbie Coit

Border City Squares Board of Directors 2002 - 2003
President Debbie Coit
Vice President Debbie Coit
Treasurer Kathi Butt
Secretary Cecilia Kendig
Paula Finamore
Club Chairpersons Cheryl Palucchi
Anne-Marie Boucher
Class Chairperson

Dave & Mary Raymond

Banner Chairperson Harli Thoene
Publicity Chairperson Skip Guild
Dancers 4 Callers Dancers

Club Chair Report Cheryl Palucchi & Anne-Marie Boucher

May 10 – Border City Squares 45th Anniversary Dance. Vivian & Bill Thompson and Mary & Dave Raymond were hostess/host’s for this dance. They did a fantastic job decorating the hall for this special dance. We want to especially thank the decorating committee, which included Vivian Thompson, Mary Raymond, Anne-Marie Boucher, Cheryl Palucchi, Tami Dorris, Paula Finamore and Cecelia Kendig who spent weeks prior to the dance meeting to make the decorations. We also want to thank all of those club members who helped with the setup of not one but two halls, including Chris Howard, Wayne & Priscilla Griffin, Paula Finamore, Pauline O’Connor, Debbie Coit, Penny Guild, Steve White, Preston Walsh and Tami Dorris and those who stayed and helped take down those same two halls. We also were very proud of our food table for this dance. There was so much great food and very little was left at the end of the night to be taken home.

We had a great turn out which included the most callers assembled on one stage performing at the same time that anyone I spoke to can every remember. These included Jim and Joann Mayo, Joe and Phyllis Casey (Jim and Joe were the callers for the evening), Bob and Norma Silva, Phil and Sandi Gatchell (Norma and Phil were our cuers for the evening), Ray and Carol Aubut, Johnny and Barbara Wedge, Patty and Steve Greene, Ray Hilton, May ‘Yikes’ Cameron and Dave Lamoureaux. We also had both presidents from EDSARDA, Bob and Louise Griffin, and NSSARDA, Bob and Barbara Graybill in attendance.

Clubs in attendance included Heel and Toe with 21 members; Single Squares with 12 members; Pepperell Squares with 9 members; 35 guests and Border City Squares with 41 members, which included two of our newest class members who were able to join in the dancing and did very well. Everyone we spoke with had a great time and enjoyed reminiscing about old times.

Our next dance is Saturday, June 14 with Tami Dorris as the hostess and the theme is January in June. This is a mainstream dance with 2 plus tips and our caller will be Johnny Wedge with Marilyn Rivenburg cueing. Setup time will be at 12:30 pm on Saturday for anyone who would like to help. We appreciate all the help from those who take time from their Saturday to come help.

2002-2003 BCS Dances




Level Caller Cuer

Jun. 14, 2003

Tammy Dorris

January in June

MS & 2 Plus Johnny Wedge Marilyn Rivenburg

Banner Chair Report Harlinda Thoene

May 3, 2003: BCS retrieved our banner from Concord Coach. This was a mainstream dance with Don Bachelder calling and Sandi Simmons cueing. Those supporting the club were Anne-Marie Boucher, Debbie Coit, Steve White, Tammy Dorris, Pauline and Bob O’Connor, Louis Buck, Preston Walsh, Kathi Butt, Priscilla and Wayne Griffin, Ed Jette, Amy Bollenbach, Karl Moore, Harli Thoene and John and Valerie Lamb.

May 10, 2003: BCS hosted Heel and Toe for a retrieval and Single Squares and Pepperell Squares for raids. For all of those who couldn’t make the last trip to Biddeford Maine to visit Pepperell Squares, here is a second opportunity!! We will be heading back to get our banner. I will publish the date as soon as I have one. Feel free to ask if I haven’t published one yet and you’re curious!

May 16, 2003: BCS retrieved our banner from Single Squares, Woburn, MA. This was a Mainstream dance with 2 Plus tips. Jim Schell was calling and Birgit Maguire cueing. Those supporting the club were Louis Buck, Tammy Dorris, Wayne and Priscilla Griffin, Anne-Marie Boucher, Chris Howard, Tony Andrade, Della Nabydoski, Joe Maheu, Joe McClintock and Harli Thoene.

May 24, 2003: BCS retrieved our banner from Turkey Town Trotters, North Andover, MA. Phil and Stan Kandrut were calling and Jo Yakimowski cueing. This was a Mainstream dance with some Plus tips. Those supporting the club were Joe Maheu, Karl Moore, Amy Bollenbach, Caley and Sabrina O’Connell, Tammy Dorris, Paula Finamore, John and Valerie Lamb, Skip and Penny Guild, Harli Thoene, Chris Howard, Sue Current and Gene Dorr.

Future Raids and Retrievals:

June 7, 2003: BCS will be raiding Concord Coach in Concord, NH. Ted Lizotte will be calling and Doris T-Bow will be cueing. This will be a Mainstream/Plus dance.

June 14, 2003: BCS will be hosting Concord Coach to retrieve their banner.

June 21, 2003: BCS will be retrieving our banner from Wolf Rockers. This is a Mainstream/Plus dance with Ted Lizotte calling and Bernie Porter cueing. (This is Wolf Rockers annual ice cream social!!! Come and dance with your ice cream… it CAN be done!!)

This will end the Border City Square Dance Club 2002-2003 dance season but there quite a few dances over the summer. I will post a list of those dances on Monday nights and in the July/August newsletter for all those interested. Keep up the dancing!

Please note that the carpool leaves the Kiosk at the Nashua Mall, Broad St., Nashua at 7PM for each of these raids and retrievals. Please sign up on Monday nights or call me if you are planning to attend any raids or retrievals ESPECIALLY if you are interested in the carpool.

Border City Square Dance Club through the Ages Tammy Dorris

Happy Anniversary!

Well, the anniversary dance is over and what a good time was had by all! Wasn't it great to see so many people dancing and hear so many callers at one time! Hope you all got to see some of the great history displays not to mention, meet some callers from our club's past. Now let's work on making some more great memories!

Tammy Dorris
PS Thank - you everyone for the great work done on the set up and clean up!

BCS 45th Anniversary Callers, Cuers & Spouses




June 1, 2003 – May 31, 2004

The rate structure is designed so a single form may accommodate each family unit.

Newsletter ($10.00) (Required. One copy per household) $ 10.00
First Member ($7.00) Name:____________________________ ______
Second Member ($7.00) Name:____________________________ ______
    TOTAL ______

Address: _______________________________________
City: _______________ State: _______ Zip:________
Telephone: _____________________ (Publish address/telephone? Yes ___ No ___)
E-Mail: ________________________________
Date: ___________
Payment: $ ______ Cash $ ______ Check (Check # ________ )

Return form and payment to:

Border City Squares
PO Box 6082
Nashua, NH 03063


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