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  May 2003  
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I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ed for all his work this year with the club! I hope you enjoy your summer Ed! It’s been a fun year!

Welcome back from Convention! I’m writing before the weekend but I know we all had a really great, fun, dancing, socializing weekend! Met up with many old friends and created many new friendships! Friendship set to music indeed!

Summer Program

We start our summer program the first week of May!! We will be workshopping mainstream and having a lot of fun too! Don’t forget, also, May 5 is when the price of admission goes up to $5 per person. We will

be dancing every Monday throughout the summer with the exception of Memorial Day, May 26, 2003.

Upcoming Dances

Don’t forget our 45th Anniversary Dance is on May 10th!! Come be a part of the fun! There will be dancing for all! Don’t forget to bring FOOD please. Also, the day before that, May 9th is Cloudbuster’s final dance. There are some going if you’d like a ride just let me know!

Still looking for a summer party location, see me with ideas! Thanks!

The next board meeting will be Thursday, May 22 at 7PM at Anne-Marie Boucher’s home. As always, the meetings are open to all club members. Please see me prior to the meeting if there is anything you would like to have discussed at the meeting.

Happy Dancing!
Debbie Coit


Border City Squares Board of Directors 2002 - 2003
President Debbie Coit
Vice President Debbie Coit
Treasurer Kathi Butt
Secretary Cecilia Kendig
Paula Finamore
Club Chairpersons Cheryl Palucchi
Anne-Marie Boucher
Class Chairperson

Dave & Mary Raymond

Banner Chairperson Harli Thoene
Publicity Chairperson Skip Guild

Club Chair Report Cheryl Palucchi & Anne-Marie Boucher

No input received.

2002-2003 BCS Dances




Level Caller Cuer

May 10, 2003

Bill & Vivian Thompson
Mary & Dave Raymond

45th Anniversary Dance

MS Hall and Plus Hall Jim Mayo
Joe Casey
Phil Gatchell
Norma Silva

Jun. 14, 2003

Tammy Dorris

January in June

MS & 2 Plus Johnny Wedge Marilyn Rivenburg

Banner Chair Report Harlinda Thoene

April 5, 2003: We were supposed to raid Concord Coach but due to a snow storm, the dance was cancelled. The snow was enough to cause most clubs to cancel their dances!

April 12, 2003: BCS hosted Turkey Town Trotters for a raid and Concord Coach for a raid. Fourteen dancers came from Concord Coach and thirteen came from Turkey Town Trotters.

April 19, 2003: BCS raided Heel and Toe in Manchester, NH. This was a mainstream/ plus dance with our own Patty Greene calling and Phil Gatchell cueing.

Future Raids and Retrievals:

May 3, 2003: BCS will be retrieving our banner from Concord Coach. This is a mainstream dance with Don Bachelder calling and Sandi Simmons cueing.

May 10, 2003: BCS will be hosting Heel and Toe and Concord Squares for retrievals and Single Squares for a raid.

May 16, 2003: BCS will be retrieving from Single Squares, Woburn, MA. This is a Mainstream dance with 2 Plus tips. Jim Schell will be calling and Birgit Maguire cueing.

May 24, 2003: BCS will be retrieving our banner from Turkey Town Trotters, North Andover, MA. Phil and Stan Kandrut will be calling and Jo Yakimowski will be cueing. This is a Mainstream dance with some Plus tips.

June 7, 2003: BCS will be raiding Concord Coach in Concord, NH. Ted Lizotte will be calling and Doris T-Bow will be cueing. This will be a Mainstream/Plus dance.

June 21, 2003: BCS is planning to go to Wolf Rockers. Whether this will be a raid or retrieval is yet to be determined. This is a Mainstream/Plus dance with Ted Lizotte calling and Bernie Porter cueing. (This is Wolf Rockers annual ice cream social!!! Come and dance with your ice cream… it CAN be done!!)

This will end the Border City Square Dance Club 2002-2003 dance season.

Please note that the carpool leaves the Kiosk at the Nashua Mall, Broad St., Nashua at 7PM for each of these raids and retrievals. Please sign up on Monday nights or call me if you are planning to attend any raids or retrievals ESPECIALLY if you are interested in the carpool.

Class Chair Report Dave and Mary Raymond

Not applicable

Border City Square Dance Club through the Ages Tammy Dorris

Club Mascot

Was looking thru club history papers/club dance flyers and found mention of the Border City Squares Corvette? Apparently it was like a club mascot? and a visiting club could get it if they brought 4 squares - does anyone have more info about this? know anyone who does? does it still exist? I got a little bit of info from Anne Reczko but would like to have more thanks

Historical Tidbits

Now that our anniversary is drawing near, let’s "walk down memory lane" and check out a few of the highlights from the past 45 years.

Dates Event
1958 March First organizational meeting held
1958 July The club name "Border City Squares" was adopted
1958 September First class lessons held at Charlotte Avenue School in Nashua, N.H. - Jim Mayo calling
1959 January First Border City Squares class graduation
1967 March/April Smoothies Round Dance Club sponsored by Border City Squares. Round dancing included at club dances
1968 September Official club emblem for Border City Squares was adopted
1974 April Fun Luvin' Teens Club sponsored by BCS - 32 teens who recently graduated formed this club.
1976 April Blue and white gingham club dress adopted
1976 July Participation in the Nashua Bicentennial Parade
1982 May BCS club dress modernized
1996 September Dance hall moved from the Pilgrim Church to Infant Jesus Parish Hall
2001 April Graduation on first September start multi- cycle class
2001 August Graduation of first January start multi- cycle class
2003 May 10 45th Anniversary celebration!




June 1, 2003 – May 31, 2004

The rate structure is designed so a single form may accommodate each family unit.

Newsletter ($10.00) (Required. One copy per household) $ 10.00
First Member ($7.00) Name:____________________________ ______
Second Member ($7.00) Name:____________________________ ______
    TOTAL ______

Address: _______________________________________
City: _______________ State: _______ Zip:________
Telephone: _____________________ (Publish address/telephone? Yes ___ No ___)
E-Mail: ________________________________
Date: ___________
Payment: $ ______ Cash $ ______ Check (Check # ________ )

Return form and payment to:

Border City Squares
PO Box 6082
Nashua, NH 03063


May 2003








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Retrieval – Concord Coach (M/S)
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Cloudbuster’s Final Dance
BCS Anniversary Dance
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Retrieval – Single Squares (M/S)
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Board Meeting - Boucher
23 24
Retrieval – Turkey Town Trotters (M/S)
25 26
Memorial Day (No Class/ Workshop)
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June 7Raid Concord Coach (M/S)                      June 21Retrieval Wolf Rockers (M/S & Plus)

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