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Listen to WHOB 106.3 FM or WZID 95.7 FM or call Debbie at (603) 886-5326
will be free to you, Angel donations of any amount would help defray the costs of the hall and caller. Along with the new class we have an additional club caller for the 7 p.m. session! Please help me in welcoming caller Patty Greene to our club!


Welcome to 2003!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends! Now’s the time we need for burning off all those extra calories that we indulged in, in that last few weeks. What better way than to square dance them away with new and old friends!

New Class

As the New Year begins, so does our new Mainstream class! Please bring your friends, everyone you know, to our new class! The new class will begin January 6th at 7 PM. I hope we have lots of new faces, and all the familiar ones too! Welcoming the newer faces, helping them feel comfortable in our square dancing family. For those of you that are in the class that started in September I encourage you to come at 7 and get three hours of dancing! Although members of the September Class will be considered Angels for the 7 p.m. session and thus attendance

Dance Hall

We have been given some unpleasant news with regards to the hall we dance in every Monday night. The rent has gone up again. So once again we will be looking for another location to dance in. If anyone has any suggestions or they know of a place the club could dance please speak to me!

Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be Sunday, January 12 at 2:00PM at Ann-Marie Boucher's home. As always, the meetings are open to all club members. Please see me prior to the meeting if you have something you’d like discussed at the meeting.

Happy New Year!
Happy Dancing!

Debbie Coit

2002-2003 BCS Dances

Date Level Caller Cuer
Jan. 11, 2003 Class – calls 1-43 Noah Nutting Barbara Nutting
Feb. 8, 2002 Mainstream & 2 Plus Randy Page Marilyn Rivenburg
Mar 8, 2003 Class – calls 1-63 Patty Greene None
Apr 12, 2003 Plus Don Bachelder Birgit Maguire
May 10, 2003 45th Anniversary
MS hall and Plus Hall
Jim Mayo
Joe Casey
Phil Gatchell
Norma Silva
Jun. 14, 2003 Mainstream & 2 Plus Johnny Wedge Marilyn Rivenburg


Border City Squares Board of Directors 2002 - 2003
President Debbie Coit
Vice President Debbie Coit
Treasurer Kathi Butt
Secretary Cecilia Kendig
Paula Finamore
Club Chairpersons Cheryl Palucchi
Anne-Marie Boucher
Class Chairperson

Dave & Mary Raymond

Banner Chairperson Harli Thoene
Publicity Chairperson Skip Guild

Club Chair Report Cheryl Palucchi & Anne-Marie Boucher

December 14 – Cecelia Kendig and Paula Finamore hosted Our December Dance, a Snowflake Special. The decorations made us think we were in a winter wonderland. We want to thank all those who helped with the setup – Paula Finamore, Cecelia Kendig, Penny Guild, Anne-Marie Boucher, Amanda Boucher and Tammi Dorris. We also thank everyone who brought food and stayed to help clean up afterwards. This was a plus dance with Ralph Peacock calling and Bernie Porter cueing.

We had 6 squares in attendance with 6 dancers from Litchfield Swingers, 8 dancers from Silvarados and 15 dancers from Heel and Toe raiding; 6 dancers from Seacoast, who came over from the coast in a snow shower, as well as 16 Border City Dancers.

Our next dance is Saturday, January 11 and will be a Class Dance. The caller is Noah Nutting and Barbara Nutting will be cueing. The theme for this dance is Pajama Party and will be hosted by the September 2002 class. DON’T FORGET TO WEAR YOUR PAJAMA’S TO THIS DANCE. Setup time will be 12:30 pm Saturday for anyone who would like to help. ALSO, WE NEED MORE MEN TO HELP WITH SETUP. Last month we had only ladies. There are tables and carts of chairs that need setting up and the help of the gentlemen in the club is greatly appreciated. We appreciate all the help from those who take time from their Saturday to come and help. The more volunteers the quicker we set up.

NOTE: We want to thank all those who brought food to our last dance. It was nice to see a full food table. Our January dance usually has a large turn out, so we are asking to not only bring food to this dance, but a little extra. Please help out by bringing something to help feed our visiting dancers.

2002-2003 BCS Dances




Jan. 11, 2003

September 2002 Class

Pajama Party

Feb. 8, 2002

Steve & Lorri Wurtzler

50's Party

Mar 8, 2003

September 2002 Class

Class Ball

Apr 12, 2003

Kathi Butt & Harli Thoene

Animal Magnetism

May 10, 2003

Bill & Vivian Thompson
Mary & Dave Raymond

45th Anniversary Dance

Jun. 14, 2003

Tammy Dorris

January in June

Banner Chair Report Harlinda Thoene

December 6 2002: BCS retrieved our banner from Square Wheelers, W. Acton, MA. The Club was supported by Karl Moore, Amy Bollenbach, Debbie Coit, Wayne and Priscilla Griffin, Harli Thoene, Kathi Butt, Tammy Dorris, Steve White, Katherine Bollenbach and Chris Howard.

December 14, 2002: BCS Plus level dance with Ralph Peacock calling and Bernie Porter cueing. Litchfield Swingers raided with 6 dancers, The Silvarados (an A1 club from Haverhill, MA that Amy Bollenbach dances with) raided with 8 dancers and Heel and Toe raided us with 12 dancers.

December 21, 2002: BCS retrieved from Heel and Toe, Manchester, NH. Tammy Dorris, Steve White, Kathi Butt, Chris Howard, John and Valerie Lamb, Skip and Penny Guild, Debbie Coit, Bob Baker and Harli Thoene supported the club.

January 10, 2003: BCS will be retrieving our banner from Litchfield Swingers. This is a class level dance with Johnny Wedging calling and Leo Boudreau cueing. The class is invited (and encouraged) to join us on this retrieval!!!!

January 11, 2003: BCS class hosts this class level dance – the pajama party!! It’s always interesting to see what people where to this dance! No raids or retrievals are planned for this dance at this time.

January 18, 2003: BCS will be raiding Montachusett Twirlers, Leominster MA. Lenny Stratton will be calling and Phil Gatchell cueing. This is a Mainstream/Plus dance. Please note that the carpool will have to leave at 6:45PM.

February 1, 2003: BCS will be retrieving from Tech Squares, Cambridge MA. Please note that the carpool will have to leave at 6:45PM to ensure we get there on time.

Please note that there is a carpool that leaves the Kiosk at the Nashua Mall, Broad St., Nashua at 7:00 p.m. for each of these raids and retrievals. Please sign up on Monday nights or call me if you are planning to attend any raids or retrievals ESPECIALLY if you are interested in the carpool. With bad weather, dances may be cancelled and I can’t let you know if you don’t let me know you’re coming.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Raids/Retrievals for the 2002-2003 Dance Season (as of 12/28/02)




Litchfield Retrieve  


Montachusett Raid  


Tech Squares Retrieve  


Heel and Toe Raid  


Wolf Rockers ?  


Fire Siders Raid  


Sea Coast Retrieve 2-5PM


Wolf Rockers ?  


Heel and Toe Raid  


Single Squares Retrieve  


Turkey Town Trotters Retrieve  


Wolf Rockers ?  

Class Chair Report Dave and Mary Raymond

Class Level Dances for this dance season (Class, please note that by the end of April you will have completed the Mainstream List and will be able to attend any Mainstream level dance):


Club Location Caller Cuer Notes


Litchfield Swingers Litchfield Johnny Wedge TBA BCS Club retrieval


Border City Nashua Noah Nutting Barbara Nutting BCS Class HOST


Bradford Country Bradford Dona Prudhomme Vera Prudhomme  


Pine Tree Riots Weare Don Batchelder None  


Heel and Toe Manchester John Cointois TBA  


Concord Coach Concord Matt Auger Vera Prudhomme  


Wolf Rockers Mason Charlie McLeod None  


Firesiders Atkinson Chris Pinkham None BCS Club retrieval


Litchfield Swingers Litchfield TBA TBA Fun Badge Night


Border City Nashua Patty Greene None BCS Class HOST


Riverside Danvers, MA Chris Pinkham None  


Square Riggers Westwood, MA Everett Mackin None  


Square Riggers Westwood, MA Ted Lizotte Phil Gatchell Ice Cream Social

New Class Banners Skip Guild

We need YOUR help getting the word out about the new class starting January 6th. Please make a few copies of the flyer on the next page and plaster them around at local supermarkets, stores, bulletin boards, where you work, even your kids schools. Also talk up the new class with your friends and family members in the local area. Let’s make this new class SWING.

Round Dance Lessons Wayne Griffin

Are you interested in taking beginner round dance lessons? Which rhythm would you prefer (cha cha, rumba, two-step, waltz)? If enough dancers are interested, lessons could start in February at the Mill-A-Round Dance Center in Manchester NH. Lessons could be on Thursday or Sunday nights starting at 7 PM. Cuers/Teachers: Marilyn Rivenburg and Hank & Kay Werner. Cost $12 per couple. Wayne is collecting your requests so contact him at waynegriffin22@msn.com or 1-603-598-7529.


Learn to Square Dance

with the

Border City Square Dance Club

Nashua, NH

Free Lessons and Demonstration

Monday Evening, January 6th, 7:00-8:30 pm

Regular classes start January 13th. Join class in progress up to January 20th

The Benefits:
  • Healthful exercise
  • Meet new friends
  • Special theme dances
  • Trips to other club dances

Horsepond Fish & Game Club
Horsepond Avenue, Nashua, NH

Everett Turnpike, Exit 6W {Broad Street} past the two Nashua Mall traffic lights then 1st road on Right

  • Graduates can square dance anywhere in the US, Canada, and overseas
  • America’s fastest growing recreation
For More Information Call:

886-1808 or 880-5326
Visit us at http://bordercitysquares.freeservers.com/
Or email to bcsquares@juno.com
For information about other clubs in New England,
call 1-800-33DO-C-DO
(Northeast Square Dancer Magazine)

Square Dancing - Try it, You’ll Like It!

"Friendship is square dancing’s Greatest Reward" - Bill Brockett!


January 2003








      1 New Years Day 2 3 4
5 6
New M/S Class
Sep M/S Class 8:30-10
7 8 9 10 Banner Retrieval – Litchfield Swingers (Class Level) 11
BCS Pajama Party Class Dance –
Nutting & Nutting

Board Meeting 2 p.m.

New M/S Class
Sep M/S Class 8:30-10
14 15 16 17 18 Banner Raid - Montachusett
Class Dance - Bradford
19 20
New M/S Class
Sep M/S Class 8:30-10
21 22 23 24 25 Class Dance - Weare
26 27
New M/S Class
Sep M/S Class 8:30-10
28 29 30 31  

2/01/03: Retrieval at Tech Squares
2/08/03: Next BCS Dance (Mainstream Level)
2/15/03: Club Raid at Heel & Toe
2/15/03: Class Dance at Concord Coach

Visit us at http://BorderCitySquares.freeservers.com

Email us at BCSquares@juno.com

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