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November 2002


It’s already November! Hard to believe it is already here, but with it comes class dances! It’s time to get our newest dancers out on some different dance floors enjoying what they are working hard (and having fun) to learn! I hope to see you all supporting the class and showing them how much fun we truly have while square dancing!  That’s one way to show our club spirit.  Another way we have is to wear club shirts.  Chris Howard has the club’s T-shirt design on iron-on transfers for a very small fee of $2!!  He’ll provide you with the transfers and you can choose whatever style of shirt you prefer and iron them on it!  Several club members have t-shirts with these transfers on them already if you’d like to see what it looks like, just ask!

Special Thanks

I would like to thank a few people that provided our friends from the Netherlands with a home to stay in while they were vacationing here in the States.  Erik and Martha had a great trip and are very thankful to all the hospitality that was shown to them!  They first stayed with Wayne and Priscilla Griffin, next with Bill and Peggy Heyman and finally on to Patty and Steve Greene!  It makes a huge difference to see a new country from the eyes of one of its citizens rather than just the outsider’s eye.  Thanks again!

In Case of Bad Weather

It’s getting to be that time of year, we’ve already had snow!  We have a couple of radio stations you can

listen to if you are unsure if there will be class or a dance.

WHOB 106.3 FM
WZID 95.7 FM

Please listen and use your own judgment as well.  If the roads are really bad in your own area, please stay safe and come to our next dance!  You are also always welcome to call me at home if you have questions – Monday’s I’m home by 5:45 usually, Saturday’s call anytime.

Angel Reminder

As angels we are here to help the class, to be where we are needed to be.  Please get up and into a square as soon as the music starts to provide the most number of squares for the class to complete.  I’d rather need to ask an angel to step out so a class member can dance than not have people getting up to dance.  We can’t just sit on the sidelines and wait to see if we’re needed – we are all needed!

Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 7pm at my home. As always the meetings are open to club members. We'd love to have your input! Please see me prior to the meeting if you have something you’d like discussed and for directions.

Happy Dancing

Debbie Coit

2002-2003 BCS Dances

Date Level Caller Cuer
Nov. 9, 2002 Plus Dennis Marsh Phil Gatchell
Dec. 14, 2002 Plus Ralph Peacock Bernie Porter
Jan. 11, 2003 Class – calls 1-43 Noah Nutting Barbara Nutting
Feb. 8, 2002 Mainstream & 2 Plus Randy Page Marilyn Rivenburg
Mar 8, 2003 Class – calls 1-63 Patty Greene None
Apr 12, 2003 Plus Don Bachelder Birgit Maguire
May 10, 2003 45th Anniversary
MS hall and Plus Hall
Jim Mayo
Joe Casey
Phil Gatchell
Norma Silva
Jun. 14, 2003 Mainstream & 2 Plus Johnny Wedge Marilyn Rivenburg

History Tid Bits Tammy Dorris

BCS Traveling Mascot 1974
  • In 1967 it took 15 weeks to complete square dance lessons
  • in 1968 the 10th Anniversary dance music was provided by Richard Davis and the Do-Si-Doers Orchestra
  • In 1979 the Caller Lab Program consisted of the Basic Program (38 calls), Extended Basic Program (54 calls), Mainstream Program (69 calls), Mainstream Plus 1 (69 calls, Experimental calls and the Plus 1 calls), Mainstream Plus 2 (69 calls, Experimental calls, Plus 1 calls and the Plus 2 calls). Experimentals were defined as suggested calls for workshops during Mainstream dancing.  Experimentals eventually became part of the present Basic/ Mainstream program and part of the present Plus or higher Programs. They included Pass the Ocean, Ferris Wheel, [Anything] and Roll, Extend (the tag), Track 2, Ping Pong Circulate, Coordinate, Chase Right, Trade the Wave, Touch (to a Wave, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4).
  • Also in 1979 Caller Lab recommended 41 weeks of 2 hour or approximately 80 hrs of instruction to teach the Mainstream Program calls 1 - 69
  • In 1980 there was a change in the By-Laws where the number of officers was reduced from 9 to 7, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary positions were combined to just Secretary, Hospitality Chairman, Membership Chairman, and Special Event Chairman were combined and reorganized to create Club Program Chairman and Class Program Chairman
  • In 1974 BCS' new traveling mascot made its debut at the Snowball Dance it was a large key in the shape of the state of NH. A club needed 2 squares to take it and it was requested that you call ahead to see if it was available
  • For the 20th Anniversary dance of 1978 tickets were available ahead of time at the following costs $15 per couple "for the total package of afternoon dance, chicken dinner and evening dance." After April 29th the cost of this ticket package increased to $16. For just a single dance session the ticket price was $4 per couple.
  • The 1978 New England Square and Round Dance Convention  was held in Manchester NH with 16 halls for square dancing and 2 halls for round dancing in 3 key areas of the city
  • To add to the info about Eddie Mayall he had the longest tenure of calling for BCS
Border City Squares Board of Directors 2002 - 2003
President Debbie Coit
Vice President Debbie Coit
Treasurer Kathi Butt
Secretary Cecilia Kendig
Paula Finamore
Club Chairpersons Cheryl Palucchi
Anne-Marie Boucher
Class Chairperson

Dave & Mary Raymond

Banner Chairperson Harli Thoene
Publicity Chairperson Skip Guild

Club Chair Report Cheryl Palucchi & Anne-Marie Boucher

October 12 – Diane DesRochers hosted our October Dance with the Theme Vampire and Witches Ball.  We want to thank Diane for all the great decorations.  We also want to thank all those who helped with the setup – Diane DesRochers, Cheryl Palucchi, Chris Howard, Wayne & Priscilla Griffin, Cecelia Kendig, Paula Finamore, Penny Guild and Diana Carlson, who brought a special helper, Fabian Kreissler, an Exchange Student from Germany.  We also thank everyone who brought food and stayed to help clean up afterwards.  This was a mainstream dance with two plus tips with Erik Pluylaar calling and Corinne Renauld cuing.

We had 14 squares in attendance with dancers from Bradford Squares, Wolf Rockers, Turkey Town Trotters, Pepperell Squares, Heel and Toe, Concord Coach, Litchfield Swingers, Western Whirlers, Cloudbusters, Seacoast, as well as the Presidents of EDSARDA, and 23 Border City dancers.

Our next dance is Saturday, November 9.  This is a Plus dance.  The caller is Dennis March and Phil Gatchell will be the cuer.  The theme for this dance is Salute to Veterans and will be hosted by Skip and Penny Guild.  Setup time will be 12:30 pm Saturday for anyone who would like to help.

2002-2003 BCS Dances




Nov. 9, 2002

Skip & Penny Guild

Salute to Veterans

Dec. 14, 2002

Cecilia Kendig & Paula Finamore

Snowflake Special

Jan. 11, 2003

September 2002 Class

Pajama Party

Feb. 8, 2002

Kathi Butt & Harli Thoene

Animal Magnetism

Mar 8, 2003

September 2002 Class

Class Ball

Apr 12, 2003

Steve & Lorri Wurtzler

50's Party

May 10, 2003

Bill & Vivian Thompson
Mary & Dave Raymond

45th Anniversary Dance

Jun. 14, 2003

Tammy Dorris

January in June

Banner Chair Report Harlinda Thoene

October 12, 2002: This BCS dance WAS a great dance! Not only do we have Erik Pluylaar form the Netherlands calling and Corinne Renauld cueing, we also have FIVE clubs raiding: Turkey Town Trotters (12 dancers), Heel & Toe (14 dancers), Seacoast (11 dancers), Concord Coach (11 dancers) and Pepperell Squares from Biddeford Me (9 dancers). Bradford Squares retrieved their banner with 14 dancers.

October 19, 2002: BCS went to Heel & Toe to retrieve our banner. The Club was supported by Tammy Dorris, Cecilia Kendig, Debbie Coit, Amy Bollenbach, Hal Kelly, Roberta Blais, Lorri and Steve Wurtzler, Chris Howard, Harli Thoene, Bob Baker, Valerie and John Lamb, Vivian and Bill Thompson and Diane DesRochers. Because we had so many clubs raiding our October dance, we gave Heel and Toe one of the older banners made by our Club. It was the one featured elsewhere in this newsletter (the Key to Friendship). The article mentions that at the time this banner was in circulation, the rule was that a club had to present 16 members at a dance in order to exchange banners. Isn’t it interesting that we retrieved this banner from Heel and Toe having met the criteria of the 1970’s?!

October 26, 2002: BCS went to Pine Tree Riots to retrieve our banner. Patty Greene was the caller for the evening (at least we think it was her under that blonde bombshell outfit! Sounded like her!) The Club was supported by Penny and Skip Guild, Kathi Butt, Chip and Carol Parker, John and Valerie Lamb, Chris Howard, Vivian and Bill Thompson, Ed Jette, Wayne and Priscilla Griffin and Harli Thoene.

November 9, 2002: This BCS dance will be a Plus level dance called by Dennis Marsh and cued by Phil Gatchell. We are expecting Heel and Toe and Square Wheelers to raid this evening.

November 16, 2002: BCS will be going to Heel and Toe, Manchester, NH to retrieve our banner. This dance will be a mainstream dance with some plus and fast track tips. Steve Xeller will be calling and Bernie Porter will be cueing.

November 24, 2002: BCS will be going to Biddeford, Maine to retrieve our banner from Pepperell Square who came to our October dance. This is a Sunday afternoon dance from 2-5PM. Please mark your calendars now so we can make a great showing. We went last year and it was a LOT of fun – the dance and the ride up and back!!

November 30, 2002: BCS will be going to Turkey Town Trotters in N. Andover, MA to retrieve our banner. This will be a Plus level dance with John Hendron calling and Barbara Strong cueing. 

December 6 2002:  BCS will be retrieving our banner from Square Wheelers, W. Acton, MA. This is an alternating mainstream/Plus dance with Matt Auger calling and Sandi Simmons cueing.

Raids/Retrievals for the 2002-2003 Dance Season (as of 10/27/02)




Heel and Toe Retrieve  


Pepperell Squares Retrieve  


Turkey Town Trotters Retrieve  


Square Wheelers Retrieve  


Heel and Toe Retrieve  


Litchfield Retrieve  


Montachusett Raid  


Tech Squares Retrieve  


Heel and Toe Raid  


Wolf Rockers ?  


Fire Siders Raid  


Sea Coast Retrieve 2-5PM


Wolf Rockers ?  


Heel and Toe Raid  


Single Squares Retrieve  


Turkey Town Trotters Retrieve  


Wolf Rockers ?  

More History Tid Bits Tammi Dorris

More past dance themes from the mid/late 1970s to early 1980s

  • Hobo Hop for this dance optional costumes of ones best "rags" were allowed. Also, people were each asked to bring a can of soup which was then combined to create a Hobo Stew.
  • Snap Back with our Spring thing
  • Sugar & Spice Night
  • Shiver & Shuffle (Feb)
  • Badge Dance - there was a prize for the most badges present at the dance
  • Hawaiian Holiday
  • New Year's Eve Dance - this dance was in Sept since as the flyer stated this was the club's first dance of a brand new year in square dancing

Class Chair Report Dave and Mary Raymond

Class Level Dances for this dance season (Class, please note that by the end of April you will have completed the Mainstream List and will be able to attend any Mainstream level dance):


Club Location Caller Cuer Notes


Pine Tree Riots Weare Charlie McLeod None  


Litchfield Swingers Litchfield Johnny Wedge TBA BCS Club retrieval


Border City Nashua Noah Nutting Barbara Nutting BCS Class HOST


Bradford Country Bradford Dona Prudhomme Vera Prudhomme  


Pine Tree Riots Weare Don Batchelder None  


Heel and Toe Manchester John Cointois TBA  


Concord Coach Concord Matt Auger Vera Prudhomme  


Wolf Rockers Mason Charlie McLeod None  


Firesiders Atkinson Chris Pinkham None BCS Club retrieval


Litchfield Swingers Litchfield TBA TBA Fun Badge Night


Border City Nashua Patty Greene None BCS Class HOST


Riverside Danvers, MA Chris Pinkham None  


Square Riggers Westwood, MA Everett Mackin None  


Square Riggers Westwood, MA Ted Lizotte Phil Gatchell Ice Cream Social


November 2002








          1 2
3 4 Plus

New Class
5 6 7 8 9 BCS Dance. Plus Level
10 11 Plus

New Class
12 13 14 15 16 Retrieval, Heel & Toe
17 18 Plus

New Class
19 20 21 Board Meeting - Coit 22 23 First Class Dance at Pine Tree Riots
24 Retrieval, Pepperell Squares 25 Plus

New Class
26 27 28 29 30 Retrieval, Turkey Town Trotters

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