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August 2002


Welcome Back Everyone!!

It is great to be back ready to start a new square dance season! I am really excited about what we have planned this year.

New Mainstream Class

Our OPEN HOUSE for the new Mainstream Class is Monday, September 9th. Let’s all show up to show our potential new members a good time. Remember the first Mainstream Class in the fall will be from 8:30 to 11:00 this year. I know I’m looking forward to being able to dance on Monday nights with the whole Border City Squares gang again and I hope you all are ready as well. Be sure to bring all your friends (and enemies) to the OPEN HOUSE, the more the merrier! We need everyone there!

Class Chair

I am very happy to let everyone know that we do have a Class Chair now! A huge THANK YOU to Mary and Dave Raymond for stepping forward! They will need help though so if you can help please speak to them. What they will need are people to help set up, break down and escort new dancers to dances.

Plus Workshop

The other session on Monday nights this fall will be a Plus Workshop. No prior knowledge of Plus is required. Obviously, you must have completed a Mainstream Class at BCS or any other Club before starting Plus. The Workshop will precede the Mainstream Class and run from 7:00 until 8:30 beginning also on Monday, September 9th. The workshop will incorporate teaching All Position Mainstream and will complete in January with the start of our second Mainstream Class.


It is my job as your new president to inform you that Amy has resigned from the presidency of Border

City Squares. I am sorry to see her leave as she had many fresh ideas many of which I’m sure we will incorporate into our program. At the August Board Meeting, the board voted for me to assume the office of President. So for the remainder of this year I will be both President and Vice President. I feel we have a strong board with many new faces and I look forward to a year of serving the club with them!

General Club Meeting

On Monday, September 23rd around 8:00 p.m. (during the Plus workshop) we will be holding a very short general club meeting at the Horsepond Fish & Game Club. We have a couple of items of business to vote on at this meeting so please try to attend! As the last newsletter stated, the second half of the year was undetermined. Ed is not available to teach during the summer and therefore will not start teaching the January class. We have Patty Greene willing to split the evening with Ed and take over for the second class which will extend into summer. Per the Bylaws, this requires a vote of the Club to make her an additional Club Caller. I have complete confidence that Patty will be an excellent teacher and do all she can for the club.

The other item we will be voting on is a change in the By-laws themselves. Article II Section 7: Square Dance Attire currently reads:

  • Square dance attire is suggested for all square dances and workshops. (e.g. men in long sleeve shirts and long trousers, women in square dance dress or skirt, and soft sole shoes for all.).
  • The suggested amendment is:

  • For workshops, come as you are – neat and clean. For dances, square dance attire (e.g. men in long sleeve shirts and long trousers, women in square dance dress or skirt, and soft sole shoes for all) is suggested but not required. Soft sole shoes is needed to protect our dance floors.
  • Demo

    Patty Greene is looking for some dancers for a demo she is doing on Thurdsay, September 19 at DYouville Adult Day Center/Senior Center in Lowell (just over


    the border) from 6-8ish. There will be some dancers there from Acton’s Square Wheelers. Let’s join in the fun! For more info and directions please see me (Debbie).

    Next Board Meeting

    As always the Board Meetings are open to the general membership, please come! Your input is

    important to the club. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 18th at 7:00pm at Kathi Butt’s home. Please see her for directions and for planning purposes let her know you will be coming.

    Debbie Coit

    2002-2003 BCS Dances

    Date Level Caller Cuer
    Sep. 14, 2002 Mainstream & 2 Plus Ted Lizotte Doris T-Bow
    Oct. 12, 2002 Mainstream & 2 Plus Erik Pluylaar (Netherlands) Corinne Renauld
    Nov. 9, 2002 Plus Dennis Marsh Phil Gatchell
    Dec. 14, 2002 Plus Ralph Peacock Bernie Porter
    Jan. 11, 2003 Class – calls 1-43 Noah Nutting Barbara Nutting
    Feb. 8, 2002 Mainstream & 2 Plus Randy Page Marilyn Rivenburg
    Mar 8, 2003 Class – calls 1-63 Perry Richards None
    Apr 12, 2003 Plus Don Bachelder Birgit Maguire
    May 10, 2003 45th Anniversary
    MS hall and Plus Hall
    Jim Mayo
    Joe Casey
    Phil Gatchell
    Norma Silva
    Jun. 14, 2003 Mainstream & 2 Plus Johnny Wedge Marilyn Rivenburg

    Club Chair Report Cheryl Palucchi & Anne-Marie Boucher

    Saturday, September 14 will be our first dance of the 2002-2003 season at Infant Jesus Church, Allds Street, Nashua. This will be a Mainstream Dance with 2 Plus Tips and the theme is Tribute to Heroes with "Casual Attire". The caller and cuer are Ted Lizotte and Doris T-Bow. Visiting clubs are Tech Squares who will be raiding us.

    The full BCS 2002-2003 dance schedule is shown below along with the host/hostess, themes, callers and cuers. Please note that the May Dance is our 45th Anniversary Dance and will have two halls.

    Reminder: Anyone wishing to help with setup for the September dance should meet at the Infant Jesus Church at 12:30 pm on Saturday, September 14.

    2002-2003 BCS Dances




    Sep. 14, 2002

    Wayne & Priscilla Griffin

    Tribute to Heroes (Casual Attire)

    Oct. 12, 2002

    Diane DesRochers

    Witches & Vampires Ball

    Nov. 9, 2002

    Skip & Penny Guild

    Salute to Veterans

    Dec. 14, 2002

    Cecilia Kendig & Paula Finamore

    Snowflake Special

    Jan. 11, 2003

    September 2002 Class

    Pajama Party

    Feb. 8, 2002

    Kathi Butt & Harli Thoene

    Animal Magnetism

    Mar 8, 2003

    September 2002 Class

    [To be determined]

    Apr 12, 2003

    Steve & Lorri Wurtzler

    [To be determined]

    May 10, 2003

    Bill & Vivian Thompson
    Mary & Dave Raymond

    45th Anniversary Dance

    Jun. 14, 2003

    Tammy Dorris

    January in June

    We look forward to seeing everyone in September.

    Banner Chair Report Harlinda Thoene

    September is here and I’m very excited about the upcoming year at BCS! I hope all of you are just are excited and ready to dance! I’ll be looking for you on the dance floor!

    Upcoming Dances

    September 14th Saturday BCS Mainstream with 2 Plus Tips Dance – This dance will be a Tribute to Hero’s. The dress is casual. Come and enjoy the squares called by Ted Lizotte and rounds cued by Doris T-Bow.

    September 21st Saturday Raid to Bradford Squares Mainstream/Plus Dance – Don Bachelder is calling for their Dixie Grand Jig dance. Phil Gatchell will be cueing.

    October 12th Saturday BCS Mainstream with 2 Plus Tips Dance – Our Witches and Vampires Ball features Erik Pluylaar (from the Netherlands) calling and our own Corinne Renauld cueing.

    September Raids/Retrievals





    We are




    Bradford Squares

    Bradford, NH



    Don Bachelder

    Phil Gatchell

    Club Banners We Have: News About our Dances:



    Retrieval Date



    What’s Happening?


    Concord Coach




    Raiding: Tech Squares


    Turkey Town Trotters
    Bradford Squares
    Heel & Toe
    SeaCoast Squares


    Class Posters

    If you haven’t doen so yet, now is the time to distribute the posters and bookmarks
    advertising our new class to libraries, stores, and your friends. We handed out numerous
    copies of both at the last workshop in June. If you need more posters, make copies of the
    poster included in this newsletter.


    Due fors for 2002-2003

    Border City Squares Board of Directors 2002 - 2003

    President Debbie Coit
    Vice President Debbie Coit
    Treasurer Kathi Butt
    Secretary Cecilia Kendig
    Paula Finamore
    Club Chairpersons Cheryl Palucchi
    Anne-Marie Boucher
    Class Chairperson

    Dave & Mary Raymond

    Banner Chairperson Harli Thoene
    Publicity Chairperson Skip Guild

    Visit us at http://BorderCitySquares.freeservers.com

    Email us at BCSquares@juno.com

    September 2002








    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    8 9 Start Plus Workshop
    New Class Open House
    10 11 12 13 14 BCS Dance "Tribute to Heros", Mainstream, Ted Lizotte & Doris T-Bow
    15 16 Plus

    New Class
    17 18
    Board Meeting @ Kathy Butt 7pm
    19 Demo @ Senior Center (See President’s Corner) 20 21 Raid -
    Bradford Squares, Mainstream/ Plus
    22 23 Plus

    7:00-8:30 **
    New Class
    24 25 26 27 28
    29 30 Plus

    New Class

    ** 8:00 - General Club Meeting. See President’s Corner.
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