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PRESIDENT'S CORNER                                                             July 2002

2002 – 2003 Workshop Schedule

September 2002 – January 2003
7 – 8:30 p.m., combined all-position Mainstream and Plus class (see explanation below)
8:30 – 10 p.m., new September Mainstream class

January 2003 –
To be determined. (Caller/Cuer availability undetermined at press time)

The all-position Mainstream and Plus class starting September 9 will be designed to help Mainstream dancers become more comfortable with and learn the Mainstream positions better while at the same time learning Plus at a relatively slow rate.

Also on September 9, in the 8:30 – 10 p.m. slot we will be hosting an open house to attract new dancers. This will be a full-blown open house complete with demonstrations, food table, decorations, square dance instruction, informational hand-outs, door prizes, and so on. Please remember to invite anybody that might be interested—family, friends, acquaintances, anybody. This is something that you (and any guests) will wish to attend for the entire evening, as there will be progressive instruction going on throughout the open house. According to what I’ve read, the most effective form of advertising is word-of-mouth – and that means you, our members. There will also be flyers and/or bookmarks that you can pick up at our workshops and then post or distribute around town to help spread the word.

End-of-Season Dance

Monday, July 22, from 7 – 10 p.m., at Horse Pond Fish and Game Club, we will be holding an end-of-season dance for our club members and workshop classes. The cost is $5 per person. Please bring finger foods that are not desserts, as the board will bring desserts so we do not wind up with all sweets. Setup time is 6:30 p.m., if you wish to lend a hand.

Next Board Meeting

All Border City Square board meetings are open to the entire membership. Non-board members are encouraged to attend and become involved in the running of the club. Our next meeting will be held on August 11, the second Sunday in August, at 7 p.m. at the home of Penny and Skip Guild. Please call them at (603) 888-4311 for directions and to let them know if you are coming.

Summer Dances

If you wish to dance locally this summer you have a couple of options. Patty Greene will be holding a workshop at the Mill-A-Round Dance Center, 250 Commercial Street, Manchester, NH. Extended Mainstream and Hot Hash dancing will be from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m., and a Plus class/Workshop from 7:30 – 9 p.m.. The dates for this are Sundays in July – 7/7, 7/14, 7/28 and Sundays in August – 8/11, 8/18, 8/25. The cost is $5 per person, casual dress. For more information, please contact Patty Greene at or (603) 893-7180, or go to

Bill and Carol McGee will be holding a Plus Workshop at St. Anthony’s Hall (air conditioned), 1020 Main Street, Woburn, MA on Thursdays starting May 30 from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. No class July 4. For more information call Carol at (978) 535-4743.

New England Dance Schedules

The web site "Square Dance - New England" ( lists all the dances in New England. There are some camp and dance weekends listed in the summer calendars. There are links to the monthly calendars on SDNE from the BCS web site. We cannot list all the available square dancing opportunities in this newsletter due to lack of space. The July calendar alone on the SDNE website is five pages long and covers dances all over New England.

Class Chair – We need you!

We still need a class chair. Tammy Dorris has volunteered to do the setup on Monday nights. The other jobs that need doing are breakdown on Monday nights, leaders for class dances, and backups for the workshop set-up and breakdown.

If Tammy can’t make it to a workshop could she call you to take her place for the one night? It would be nice to have a list of people to backup one or both of these jobs. There will be a storage cabinet for the class equipment which will make it possible for the class chair not to have to be at every workshop and easier to share the work. You don’t have to commit to a position on the board to help. If you could do any one or more of these jobs or organize the effort, your help would be greatly appreciated. On the other hand if you are able to commit to organizing the effort, would like to provide support for the class and have a vote on the way the club is run, we would love to have you on the board. If you have any questions about any of these jobs or wish to volunteer, please talk to me at a workshop, call me at 880-7068, or e-mail me at

Raid/Retrieval Dangles

For the past two years the club has given out fun dangles to members who have attended at least ten raid/retrieval dances. This is done as a thank-you and in recognition of a high level of club support for a year with one raid/retrieval per month being the minimum. We want the bangle to be a special honor and they do cost

the club money. The dangles are available for purchase from private companies like the Majestic Badge advertised in the Northeast Square Dancer Magazine if you want one but haven’t attended ten raids/retrievals.

Square Dancing Today

There is a new square dancing magazine out for promoting square dancing. To get a free subscription sent to your home, go to on the Internet and subscribe online.

BCS Newsletter

If there is anything you would like to see covered in this newsletter that would be of value to you as a square dancer, please bring it to the attention of either me or Skip Guild.

Northeast Square Dance Magazine

New Dancers only (April 2002 graduates and current Mainstream class members) may sign up for a 6 month free subscription to Northeast Square Dance Magazine at the Monday night Mainstream workshop or by emailing the following information to name, address, city , state, zip, and phone number.

Amy Bollenbach

2002-2003 BCS Dances

Date Level Caller Cuer
Sep. 14, 2002 Mainstream & 2 Plus Ted Lizotte Doris T-Bow
Oct. 12, 2002 Mainstream & 2 Plus Erik Pluylaar (Netherlands) Corinne Renauld
Nov. 9, 2002 Plus Dennis Marsh Phil Gatchell
Dec. 14, 2002 Plus Ralph Peacock Bernie Porter
Jan. 11, 2003 Class – calls 1-43 Noah Nutting Barbara Nutting
Feb. 8, 2002 Mainstream & 2 Plus Randy Page Marilyn Rivenburg
Mar 8, 2003 Class – calls 1-63 Perry Richards None
Apr 12, 2003 Plus Don Bachelder Birgit Maguire
May 10, 2003 45th Anniversary
MS hall and Plus Hall
Jim Mayo
Joe Casey
Phil Gatchell
Norma Silva
Jun. 14, 2003 Mainstream & 2 Plus Johnny Wedge Marilyn Rivenburg

Club Chair Report Skip & Penny Guild

On Saturday June 8th we had a MS Dance with 2 Plus Tips that was hosted by Amy & Katherine Bollenbach. The theme was "Salad Night". Everyone did a super job bringing a variety of delicious salads. We heard a lot of nice complements about the food table. The hall had a spring look with Amy bringing fresh flowers from her garden to decorate the tables. We would like to thank Anne-Marie Boucher, Cheryl Palucchi, Priscilla & Wayne Griffin, Chris Howard, and Cecilia Kendig for helping to set up the hall. Debbie Coit brought our caller Jim Wass to check out the hall while we were setting up. We had over 114 dancers, with 29 of them being BCS members. The 4 Clubs raiding/retrieving banners were Firesiders, Litchfield Swingers, Heel & Toe and Squares Wheelers. Jim Wass called a lively and fun dance and Bev Boudreau cued. Thank you to all the club members who helped out to make this years BCS dances a success.

Banner Chair Report Wayne & Priscilla Griffin

June was a great month for dancing. It was not too hot, and we danced to callers and cuers that we don’t get to dance to very often; the dancing was great, the food was delicious, and the dances were all casual attire.

June 8th Saturday BCS Mainstream with 2 Plus tips Dance - We had about 114 dancers at our Salad Night dance. Eight squares danced the first tip, 11 squares danced the second tip and 8 or 9 squares danced the 2 Plus tips. Jim Wass of Riverdale Maryland called some interesting choreography and Beverly Boudreau cued to a sea of dancers. The Firesiders (11), Litchfield Swingers (11), Heel & Toe (20), and Squares Wheelers (14) all retrieved their banners. BCS members had their greatest showing yet with 30 dancers. Among the 26 guests were 2 dancers from the Pine Cone Reelers in Augusta, Maine! BCS dangles were given to them and Jim Wass for having come so far.

June 15th Saturday Retrieval to Bradford Country Squares Plus Dance - After raining all day, the second floor of the Bradford Town Hall was pleasantly cool for this mid-June ice cream social/dance.

Dancers enjoyed the surprises that caller Dona Prudhomme included in his choreography. We were pleasantly surprised when Vera Prudhomme elected to cue considering she had fallen and hit her head at the beginning of the dance. Dancing with us were Chris, Diane, Harli, Amy, Tammy, and Joe Maheu.

June 22nd Saturday Retrieval to Wolf Rockers Alternating Mainstream & Plus tips Dance - It had rained all day so it was another 'not-so-hot' June evening. Dancers from many clubs made up about 8 squares of dancers. The Jumptown Twirlers, Bradford Country Squares, Montachusett Twirlers, and BCS retrieved their banners with about 12 dancers each. Most tips had 5 or 6 squares dancing inside. There were no squares dancing outside this year. Everett Mackin & Leo Boudreau were featured at this ice cream social/dance. Chris, Wayne & Priscilla, Amy, Kathi, Harli, Preston, Roberta, Hal, Joe, Tammy, and Elizabeth attended.

2001-2002 Dance Season Review

We end the 2001-2002 dance season in possession of all of our traveling banners. We also have the Concord Coach SDC banner to start the next season.

We have had a good time dancing with all of you who have supported our club's banner raids and retrievals. A special thank you to Chris, Tammy, Amy, Debbie, Kathi, Roberta, Hal, Harli, Eric, Cheryl Palucchi, Preston, Katherine, Skip, Penny, and Bob Baker who (along with us) attended 10 or more of the 31 dances with other clubs. These 17 dancers account for 66.8% (299/447) of the overall attendance. Another 17 dancers attended 5 to 9 banner visit dances and account for 24.6% (110/447). The remaining 8.5% was attributed to 21 dancers who attended 1 to 4 dances in support of our banner exchanges. Overall, it took 55 dancers to average 14.4 dancers at 31 dances. We are fortunate to have this many members to come dance with us. Other clubs came for a total of 30 times during our 10 dances and averaged 12.6 dancers each. Averaging 3 clubs at each of our 10 dances provided not only the funds we needed to meet our expenses but also the large number of dancers to dance with and have a good time.

We hope everyone will support Harli as she assumes the Banner Chairperson position. She has already arranged at least 10 banner exchanges. Have a great summer and enjoy some summer dancing. We will look for you at the summer dances that we attend.

Thank you for all your support this past dance season. Have fun dancing during the summer.


Due fors for 2002-2003
Border City Squares Board of Directors 2002 - 2003

President Amy Bollenbach
Vice President Debbie Coit
Treasurer Kathi Butt
Secretary Cecilia Kendig
Paula Finamore
Club Chairpersons Cheryl Palucchi
Anne-Marie Boucher
Class Chairperson


Banner Chairperson Harli Thoene
Publicity Chairperson Skip Guild

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