Border City Squares

October 2000

President’s Corner

The classes are off and running with beginning square dance classes on Monday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 and beginning rounds also on Monday evening 8:30 to 10:00. Ed is doing an Advanced class on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9:30. Corinne is doing a Phase III/IV class on Thursdays from 7:30 to 9:30. For those who have asked (and even if you haven’t asked) plus lessons are being given in Litchfield. There seems to be no lack of things to do if interested.

We got our own dance season started and now we find ourselves into the fall season and with the fall season comes the fall dance costume dance.

Costume Party October 30th

Traditionally the last Monday of October the normal class night turns into a costume party. This year will be no different. All the club members and the class members are invited to attend the annual costume party night on Monday, October 30th, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Note that this night will not be divided into two separate sessions but we will instead party the whole night.

NESRDC Volunteers

Please keep in mind that the New England Square and Round Dance Convention (NESRDC) committee has asked us to provide volunteers to assist in preparing for the convention this coming spring. Our club's commitment is to man Hospitality Table. We have also been asked if we could take some time in the Communications area. And last but not least we could use a volunteer to act as a liaison between the club and the committee.


The secretary opening still exists. If you are available one Tuesday a month to attend the board meetings and take the minutes please let me know.


Dave and Mary Raymond have volunteered to take over the treasurer's duties. The board members voted to take them up on their offer so they are officially the club's treasurers. Thank you Dave and Mary.

Treasurer's Committee

The treasurer's Committee consists of people who assist the treasurers in their routines. Usually this invloves giving the treasurers a break from the money collection routines at our various functions. There are some members already doing this and we thank Kathi Butt for recently volunteering for the committee. If anyone else would lie to volunteer, see Dave or Mary.


Gus and Nancy Christensen have had to resign the publicity chair so we are in need of a volunteer for that position. It involves making sure the newsletter gets out, making sure the ads appear in the New England Square Dancer Magazine and making sure notices about our activities get sent to the various meia outlets in time. If anyone would like to pick part or all of those duties pleae let me know. I would like to thank Gus and Nancy for the work that they hav done.

Fall Festival

I have been asked about the upcoming Fall Festival. This to me has always been an excellent "first" dance for new dancers and for those who may not have been as active as they would like to get back into the swing of things. It is good for new dancers because this is typically their first "real" dance and at the same time there is something for every level. It takes place on Sunday, November 19th from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm and advance tickets are $6.00. That's a dollar an hour for non-stop dancing.

Twist the Night Away

Thanks to Wayne, Priscilla, Julie, & Elizabeth Griffin; Roberta Blais; Hal Kelley; Cheryl Palucchi; Chris & Norma Howard; Margery Shank; Bob Baker; Eric Magrath; Bruce Williams; and Preston Walsh who supported this demonstration on September 16th. George McGibbon did a great job calling to some 50s and 60s music in a "battle of the bands" scenario as we competed with a much louder and more powerful non 50s band up the street.

Multi-cycle Clinic

Mike Seastrom gave this clinic in Worcester on September 17th.It described an alternative to starting dance class but once a year. Wayne and Priscilla Griffin attended this clinic and they have the handout if you are interested.

NSSARDA Representative

We are still in need of representatives to attend the NSSARDA meetings. See Bill and Viv Thompson for details of what is involved or if you would like to volunteer.

Annalee Doll Raffle

Last year we received an Annalee Dol from the Litchfield Swingers. It will be raffled off at the December dance. The doll will be on display and raffle tickets will be available at our dances and workshops. Watch for the doll and buy those tickets.

Bob Baker,

Class Chair

Welcome back, everyone. We are looking forward to another fun filled year. Bill & I hope to be back dancing this year and hope to see you all in a square.

Our Fun Night was on Sept 11.

There were 24 BCS members and 8 new dancers in attendance. Of the 8 dancers 5 came at the suggestion of a friend/relative, 2 read our ad in the Telegraph and 1 found us via our Web site. On Sept 18 we had 5 additional new dancers join us. One couple, former BCS members, is back to review the mainstream program. The 2nd couple found us via our Web site and the last person was a referral of a friend. If all continue to return, and we hope they will, we will have 13 new dancers.

Fun Night at the Parish of the Resurrection

Border City Squares was invited to demo at the Church’s Texas Bar-B-Q fundraiser on Sunday afternoon, Sept 24. Our caller was Ralph Peacock who did an outstanding job. The following Border City members supported this demo: Roberta Blais, Priscilla and Wayne Griffin, Chris Howard, Hal Kelley, Pat St Onge, Cheryl Palucchi, Dave and Mary Raymond, Vivian Thompson and Bob Williams. In addition, two of our new class members also attended, Amy Bollenbach and her daughter Katherine.

After demonstrating a tip, Ralph invited the audience to join our dancers and learn to dance. It was such a delight to see many young people join in, from ages 8 on up to teens. There were also many adults who enjoyed the evening and we hope to see them join our club in the near future.

Special Class and Workshop Note

We need 22 paying dancers, new dancers and/or angels, to meet our square dance class expenses so please consider giving an Angel Donation or better yet pay the $3.00 entrance price per person. We have about 6 couples taking round dance lessons but we need 11 couples to meet the Round dance expenses.

Let’s keep Border City Squares and the spirit of dancing alive and well.

Bill & Viv Thompson
Class Chairpersons



Viv and I attended the NSSARDA (North Shore Square And Round Dance Assoc.) meeting on Sept 17 in Burlington, MA. The meeting had a discussion about the current Square Dance attire and how changes have occurred over the last several years. More and more dancers are opting to wear long prairie skirts rather than the traditional skirt length.

The Square Riggers were in attendance and informed us that their first 3 dances will be mainstream. They are also sponsoring a "Plus Dance Tune-up" on Oct. 14 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Memorial Congregational Church in Sudbury, MA. This will be a good opportunity to brush up on all the Plus calls.

The Square Wheelers of Acton announced that their dances would be alternating Mainstream/Plus for the coming year.

NSSARDA Friendship Festival is Sunday, Oct 29 from 2–5 p.m. at the Masconomet Regional High School in Topsfield, MA (Exit 51 off Rt. I-95). There will be a MS & Plus Hall and A-1 Hall. Viv and I have advance tickets at $4 each verses $5 at the door. If you plan on attending the Friendship Festival dance please bring a finger food dish.

Friendship Couple: Each club is asked to nominate a Friendship couple and to then submit their names to the association. At the Friendship Festival dance all the nominations will be placed in a hat and one nomination will be drawn to become the NSSARDA Friendship Couple for the coming year. The Friendship couple is given a free entrance to each member club of the association. They are encouraged to attend as many dances as possible.

NSSARDA delegates needed.
The Bylaws of the association allow each member club to have four delegates who can vote at the delegate meetings on items that affect the clubs and the association. The Bylaws also state that the elected officers of the association cannot serve as club delegates. So our club, Border City, currently does not have any voting members at the delegate meeting since Viv and I, as the current NSSARDA Treasurers cannot represent BCS. Therefore, please consider becoming delegates for the club, it only requires two hours four times a year, Sept 17, Nov 19, Mar 18 and May 20.

Bill & Viv Thompson
NSSARDA Treasurers


Club Chair

With our first dance on September 9th Border City Squares began another great season. In spite of the disappointing cancellation of three of the five clubs expected to visit us at this dance, we still had a good turnout and a lively dance. Mike Petitbon and Matt Auger, as "Double Trouble", called a terrific combination of lively patter and tuneful singing calls that had all dancers in high spirits. One high point came as Matt Auger gradually turned up the speed while Mike Petitbon called what has come to be his trademark dance, "Fisherman’s Luck". Carol McGee provided the cueing for the round dancers, and gave us all a great time. For those of you who are still sitting out the rounds, you should definitely consider joining us on Monday nights from 8:30 to 10:00 for Corinne’s classes in beginning phase II waltz.

Clubs in attendance at the September dance were the Wolf Rockers who raided with 10 members and Heel and Toe who raided with 14 members. Also in attendance were a total of 9 guests from Tech Squares, Sasome Squares (Maine), and the Cloudbusters. There were 27 Border City Squares members present. (Figures taken from the sign-up registers.) Thanks to Steve and Lorri Wurtzler for hosting this dance. Special thanks to Wayne and Priscilla Griffin, Hal Kelley, Roberta Blais, Vivian Thompson, Mary Raymond, and Debbie Coit who helped set up the hall, and thanks to the many members who brought food and helped with clean up after the dance.

Our next dance, on October 14th will be a Plus level dance with Ray Hilton calling and Bernie Porter cueing. Ray Hilton is coming all the way from Saco, ME, so you won’t want to miss this dance. Wayne and Priscilla Griffin will host this dance, and the theme is Pumpkin Fest. If you can help with set up, please join us at the church at 12:30 on that afternoon. We are expecting Riverside Squares to be retrieving their banner and Minuteman Squares to be raiding, and we look forward to another excellent dance. Hope to see you all there!

Chris and Norma Howard
Club Chairpersons


Banner Chair

On September 9th we blasted into our new dance season with overwhelming support from 27 Border City members and club supporters. Callers Matt Auger and Mike Petitbon thrilled the crowd with their high energy and great enthusiasm. Raiding dancers from Heel-n-Toe and from Wolf Rockers were part of this joyous occasion. Man, the food table sure was awesome! We had enough food for 5 clubs!!! Thank you for all the tasty goodies! It was great to see you all again!

Let those caravans roll!!! On September 16th, 21 spirited dancers converged on Bradford Town Hall to support Border City's first raid of the year. With the red-hot calling of "Four-est Fire's" Dan Guin, our dancer's were burning up the floor!! Border City's entourage included Debbie Coit, Kathi Butt, Lorri & Steve Wurtzler, Cheryl Palucchi, Jonas Green, Tammy Dorris, Roberta Blais, Mike & Joyce Peterson, Chris Howard, Margery Shank, Hal Kelley, Ernest & Estelle Desmarais, Priscilla & Wayne Griffin, Skip & Penny Guild, Della Crawford, and Bob Baker.Our first "road trip" of the year was a tremendous success! Thanks guys! You all make Border City GREAT!!!

Clubs Raiding or Retrieving Banners at Our November Dance:

Club They are Date we Visit them BCS Members
Riverside Squares Retrieving Scheduled 10/06/00 ??
Minutemen Squares Raiding Scheduled 11/18/00  
Nubble Lighthouse Squares of York ME Raiding TBD  

Upcoming Raids/Retrievals in October:

Date Club Level We Are Caller Cuer
10/06 Riverside Squares Plus Raiding Jim Pulaski Barbara Strong
10/20 Single Squares MS/Plus Raiding John Hendron Barbara Strong
10/21 Heel & Toe MS/Plus Retrieving Jerry Maurice Bernie Porter
10/28 Turkey Town Trotters Plus Raiding Jim Pulaski Carol McGee

Last Month’s Raids and Retrievals:

Date Club We were Their Members BCS Members
9/16 Bradford Cntry Sqs Raiding TBD 21
9/22 Cloudbusters Raiding TBD 15
9/30 Wolf Rockers Retrieving 10 came 9/9 22

Club Banners We Have:

Date Club We Raided BCS Members Retrieval Date
03/31/00 Cloudbusters (1) 25 9/9/00
06/03/00 Concord Coach 26 9/9/00
09/16/00 Bradford Cntry Sqs 21 TBD
09/16/00 Cloudbusters (2) 15 TBD

Clubs With Our Banners:

Date Club Their Members Retrieval Date
09/09/00 Heel & Toe 16 10/21/00


Lorri & Steve Wurtzler
Banner Chairpersons

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