Border City Squares

September 2000

President's Corner

The new season is upon us and everything looks good for the upcoming season. Dances, raids and retrievals are set to go offering us a full schedule of activities. The Classes are ready and hopefully will be well attended. It is not too late to still encourage friends and neighbors to attend.

Thanks to Wayne, we have a new web site on Check it out. One of the things that it contains is a fairly comprehensive listing of activities. We hope that by creating an interesting web page that some folks will visit it often and thereby be reminded of Border City Squares.

We have received the promotional magnets and I encourage everyone to pick up a few and distribute them to anyone who may be interested in learning how to square dance.

We could also use some volunteers for the finance committee. The finance committee takes turns collecting money at the dances and classes and the more there are the less each individual has to do. Contact any board member if interested in doing any of these activities.

Now let’s get on with the new season.

Upcoming Events:

  1. Nashua Demo – support "Twist the Night Away" which is a 50’s – 60’s theme on September 16th from 3:30 – 4:30 PM.
  2. NSSARDA Meeting – September 17th from 2 to 5 PM
  3. Multi-Cycle Program by Mike Seastrom - September 17th from 1 to 3:30 PM in Worcester, MA
  4. Texas Barbecue Demo – Sunday September 24th from 6:30 – 8 PM at the Resurrection Parish Hall on Broad Street with Ralph Peacock calling. Dancers discount is $5 to eat (regular $8).
  5. Topsfield Fair Demos – Supporters of the demonstrations on 10/1 and 10/8 can attend the fair for free. The demos are from 4 – 5 PM and 6 – 7 PM
  6. Square Dance Advanced Level Lessons – Ed will be starting lessons on Wednesday, 10/4 from 7 – 10 PM at the Horse Pond Fish and Game Club.
  7. Round Dance Phase III/IV Lessons - Corinne will be starting lessons on Thursday, 10/5 from 7 – 10 PM at the Horse Pond Fish and Game Club.

Bob Baker,

Dues Reminder

Don't forget, if you have not paid them already, your annual dues need to be paid by the end of September.


Vice President's Report

Twist the Night Away – Come to the Nashua Block Party on September 16th from 3:30 – 4:30 PM to demonstrate square dancing and help recruit new dancers. We will be on the Northeast corner of Main and East Pearl Streets. The theme is 50s/60s so get out the hair grease and wear your leather jackets, white tee shirts, and poodle skirts. Let’s show everyone that square dancers know how to have fun.

Recruit for Class Start – Now is the time to ensure we can start a square dance class. This year we plan to try the Multi-Cycle Program. We will offer one class start Sept 11th and a second class start on January 8th . From September through December, square dance lessons will be from 7 – 8:30 PM followed by beginner round dance lessons from 8:30 to 10 PM. In January, the 8:30 – 10 PM period will be for our second start of square dance lessons. We still have many flyers with reminder tickets so be sure to post them in the food store and places you frequent.

Class Recruitment Magnets – The club purchased 500 business card size magnets with the NSSARDA grant monies we were awarded. These magnets are colorful and like little bulletin boards advertising square dancing. We need your help to get them distributed so people will see that square dancing is available.

Hudson Old Home Days Demonstration Thanks to Preston Walsh who supported this demonstration on August 19th along with Wayne, Priscilla, and Elizabeth Griffin. Ralph Peacock called to 2 squares.

Raid/Retrieval Recognition Program – The club purchased dangles for the 18 members who attended 10 or more of the 27 raids/retrievals during the 1999-2000 dance season. The dandles will be presented at our September dance as a final thank you to these 18 supporters.

All-Position Workshop Results - As requested by our survey results, we offered 8 sessions during May and June for anyone wanting to improve their dancing by attended our All-Position Mainstream and/or Plus workshops. The sessions were 1 1/2 hours each. The 8 APM workshops paid for their half of the expenses but the All-Position Plus workshops lost money. Combine these with income from the Pot of Gold and we only lost $24.50.

Mini-Squares Results – Only 1 new dancer completed the 4-week Mini-Squares session we hosted in July and another new dancer completed the 4-week session held in August. Not many members took advantage of the fun and challenge of these sessions. Most sessions only had 4 mini-squares so we lost money during both sessions. The club members who supported these recruitment sessions appeared to have fun and found the all-position dancing with only 18 calls challenging.

Summer Phase III Round Dance Lessons Results - As requested by our survey results, we offered 8 sessions during July and August for any Phase II round dancers to learn most of the Phase III waltz and two-step cues. With only 6 couples in attendance at most sessions, we lost money.

Updated Dance Schedule – Two changes were required to our dance schedule. The caller for our February 10, 2001 dance will be Norm Poisson. Nick Cline cancelled because he is returning to college. Our April 14, 2001 dance is moved to the Mill-A-Round dance center in Manchester NH.

Current Paid Membership Roster - If your name is not on the roster, the September newsletter is the last issue you will receive.

Friendship Couple – Submit your nominations for our club’s Friendship Couple so our club will be represented at the NSSARDA Friendship Dance on October 29th from 2– 5 PM.

Wayne & Priscilla Griffin
Vice Presidents


Class Chair Report

Well here we are at the beginning of another dance year at Border City and it is time to start a new class. Since Viv and I started dancing 10 years ago we have learned that the most productive way to get new dancers for our classes each year is through each and everyone of you. It is through your talking to your friends and associate that we get our new class dancers 90% of the time, so Viv and I are asking you to get out and start shaking the bushes. We are only going to have one fun night this September and it is September 11th from 7 to 8:30 PM.

The one thing that is different this year from the past is that we plan on starting another class in January, so we need for you to work on getting people for that class also.

The other thing that we need to ask is for you to come to our fun nights and to the classes that follow to be angels. The job of angels is to teach by example the fun and friendship that is square dancing. Hope to see all of you on September 11th.

Viv & Bill Thompson
Class Chairpersons


Club Chair Report

Hope you all have had a great summer and are ready for some great square and round dancing. Steve and Lorri Wurtzler will be hosting our first dance on September 9th. The theme for this Mainstream +2 dance will be Tumbling Leaves. Matt Auger and Mike Petitbon (Double Trouble) will be calling, and Carol McGee will be cueing, so we should have a lively dance. Visiting clubs are expected to be Cloudbusters, Concord Coach and Bradford Country Squares all retrieving banners, and Heel & Toe and Wolf Rockers raiding. With this crowd, please plan to bring extra food for the food table!

The full BCS 2000-2001 dance schedule is shown below along with the host/hostesses, themes, callers and cuers. Note that dance in April is on Easter weekend, and we are unable to use our usual hall in the Infant Jesus Church. Instead, we will be holding the dance at the Mill-A-Round Dance center in Manchester.

Host/Hostess Theme Date Level Callers Cuers
Steve & Lorri Wurtzler Tumbling Leaves Sep. 9, 2000 MS +2 Matt Auger &

Mike Petitbon

Carol McGee
Wayne & Priscilla Griffin Pumpkin Fest Oct. 14, 2000 Plus Ray Hilton Bernie Porter
Ray & Debbie Benoit Summer Fling Nov. 11, 2000 MS +2 Greg Maconi Marilyn Rivenburg
Mike & Joyce Peterson Holiday Ball Dec. 9, 2000 Plus Cindy Hawley Barbara Nutting
Bill & Viv Thompson Pajama Party Jan. 13, 2001 Class (1 – 43) Ed Renauld Corinne Renauld
Mary Raymond & Cheryl Palucchi Valentines Ball Feb. 10, 2001 MS +2 Norm Poisson Marilyn Rivenburg
Bill & Viv Thompson Leaping Leprechauns Mar. 10, 2001 Class (1 – 63) Patty Greene Bev Boudreau
Irene & Ricky Galante Spring Fling Apr 14, 2001 Plus Randy Page Barbara Nutting
Skip & Penny Guild Spring Flowers May 12, 2001 MS +2 Randy Longobucco Bev Boudreau
Anne Reczko Ice Cream Social Jun 9, 2001 MS +2 Dave Hass Marilyn Rivenburg

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in September.

Chris & Norma Howard
Club Chairpersons


Banner Chair Report

Hope you rested your dancing feet! Boy, have we got an exciting dancing season coming your way! We’ll launch our new dancing campaign at the Infant Jesus with our Tumbling Leaves dance on September 9th. And if you like trouble, you’ll love DOUBLE TROUBLE (callers Matt Auger & Mike Petitbon) calling this inaugural dance. Cuer Carol McGee will be on hand to stir things up on rounds. Let’s start this year with a BANG!!!

Get the caravans ready! We’ll be converging on the Nashua Mall at the Kiosk soon! Border City will be retrieving from Bradford on Sept. 16th, and Wolf Rockers on Sept. 30th. A complete 2000-2001 Border City dance schedule is now available on Monday nights at our workshops at the Horsepond Fish & Game club. See you in a square soon!

Clubs Raiding or Retrieving Banners at Our September Dance:

Club They are Date we Visited BCS Members
Cloudbusters Retrieving 3/31/00 25
Concord Coach Retrieving 6/03/00 26
Bradford Cntry Sqs Raiding 9/16/00  
Wolf Rockers Raiding 9/30/00  
Heel & Toe Raiding 10/21/00  

Upcoming Raids/Retrievals in September:

Date Club Level We Are Caller Cuer
9/16 Bradford Country Sqs MS/Plus Retrieving Dan Guin Phil Gatchell
9/22 Cloudbusters MS Raiding Mike Petitbon Bev Boudreau
9/30 Wolf Rockers MS/Plus Retrieving Ted Lizotte Barbara Nutting

Last Month’s Raids and Retrievals:

Date Club Level Visiting Members BCS Members

Club Banners We Have:

Date Club We Raided BCS Members Retrieval Date
03/31/00 Cloudbusters 25 9/9/00
06/03/00 Concord Coach 26 9/9/00

Clubs With Our Banners:

Date Club Retrieval Date


Lorri & Steve Wurtzler
Banner Chairpersons

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