Bylaws of Border City Squares

Nashua, NH 03060

June 2007


The members of this club arebanded together in a spirit of friendliness and good fellowship to share andpromote the pleasure of square dancing. In order that the club may functionsmoothly for the benefit of all, the following bylaws are herewith established,and are intended as a guide towards the orderly function of the club.



The name of this club shall beBORDER CITY SQUARES.

SECTION 2: Purpose

The Border City Squares club isformed on a non-profit basis to foster and advance the art of square dancing,to provide a place where dancers may enjoy dancing together in a spirit offriendliness and cooperation and where each member is allowed the opportunityof sharing the responsibilities of the club.

SECTION 3: Incorporation

The Border City Squares club is registeredwith the State of New Hampshire as a voluntary corporation under Title XXVII,Chapter 292, of the New Hampshire revised statutes. The business ID is: 396926


SECTION 1: Qualifications

Membership in the Border CitySquares is open to all persons 16 years of age or older who have eithercompleted a prescribed course in Modern Western Square Dancing or have clearlydemonstrated an equivalent ability. Persons 16 years of age or older may enrollin a Border City Squares new dancer lessons in preparation for membership.

Sponsored membership is open topersons below the age of 16 who are accompanied by an adult member 21 years ofage or older who shall be responsible for the sponsored memberís behavior.Sponsored members are expected to have completed a prescribed course in ModernWestern Square Dancing or to have clearly demonstrated an equivalent ability.If accompanied by a responsible adult, persons below the age of 16 may enrollin a Border City Squares new dancer lessons in preparation for membership.

SECTION 2: Membership Term

The membership term shall extendfrom June 1st to May 31st of the following year.


The membership fee (dues) shallbe established by the Executive Board and published in the club newsletter.

SECTION 4: Membership Status

Dancers will be considered activemembers in good standing as long as their dues are paid and their conduct at dancesis considered acceptable. Dues must be paid on or before June 1st to retaincontinuous membership status. Persons graduating from Border City Squares newdancer lessons shall be accorded all membership privileges for two monthsfollowing graduation. Membership may be revoked by an affirmative vote of twothirds of the Executive Board when a member's conduct is adjudged detrimentalto the club or square dancing.

SECTION 5: MembershipPrivileges

All members in good standing areentitled to the following privileges:

  1. Attend all club/class functions.
  2. Vote in all Border City Squares general meetings.
  3. Receive the monthly newsletter. In the case of members living at the same address, the Newsletter Editor may choose to send only one copy of the newsletter to that address.
  4. Admission to new dancer lessons (subject to provisions of Article V, Section 2).
  5. Special discount plans for admission to dances, workshops, etc. as established by the Executive Board.
  6. Copy of the bylaws to be given to graduates and all new club members.
  7. Members 18 years of age or older and in good standing are entitled to hold elected or appointed office.

SECTION 6: Special HonoraryMembers

Honorary membership will beawarded at the discretion of the Executive Board by unanimous vote only. Honorarymembership is separate from active membership making it purely an honorarystatus. Payment of dues is still required to be considered an active member.The period of honorary membership will be one year. New dancers attendinglessons are considered honorary members.


SECTION 1: Elected Officers

The elected officers shall be the President,Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Chairperson, Class Chairperson,Banner Chairperson, and Publicity Chairperson.

SECTION 2: Duties of the Officers

A: President

The President is theofficial head and host of the club and as such shall preside at all dances andmeeting of the club and/or Executive Board. He/she shall be a member ex-officioof all committees and may form or disband special committees as he/she deemsnecessary. The President or representative shall monitor the club's e-mailaccount and post office box. The President, consulting with the Vice President,shall be empowered to act in temporary emergencies such as change of hall,caller, etc. The President, with Treasurer's approval, may sign checks in theabsence of the Treasurer.

B: Vice-President

The Vice-President shall assumethe duties of the President in the Presidentís absence, and shall assist thePresident whenever requested. The Vice-President shall be responsible forplanning the club program for the following years (including proposing a listof callers and cuers to be contacted and a budget for fees to the ExecutiveBoard for approval). Upon Executive Board approval of the plan, theVice-President shall execute contracts for halls, callers, cuers, andinsurance. The Vice-President shall insure that all callers and cuers areproperly certified and licensed in accordance with "BMI/ASCAP" to useall copy-righted material at all club events. The Vice-President shall preparea financial plan for the following years and submit it to the Executive Boardfor approval at or before the April meeting. It shall be the duty of theVice-President to review for historical, tax, or other value, all club recordsand correspondence from the previous years prior to the disposal of same.

C: Secretary

The Secretary shallmaintain a correct record of all business proceedings, shall be custodian ofall legal and insurance documents, shall maintain and publish the officialmembership list, shall keep a record of committee and banner raid participationby members, and shall keep the master copy of the bylaws and any items ofpolicy adopted by the Executive Board. The Secretary will initiate appropriateaction on the behalf of the club when a significant event occurs involving amember (e.g. serious illness, birth, death, etc.). The Secretary shall purchaseall membership badges, and present a copy of the bylaws and a membership listto new members. The Secretary willfile, or arrange to be filed, any reports required by the State of NewHampshire or other government agency.

D: Treasurer

The Treasurer shall becustodian of the club funds, shall keep an accurate record of all moniesreceived and disbursements made, and shall report the financial status at allbusiness meetings. The Treasurer may maintain a petty cash fund, but all other moniesshall be deposited in the club's bank account(s). Chairpersons of specialevents may retain control of petty cash for these events until completion ofthe event, at which time the monies must be turned over to the Treasurer.However, each such chairperson must provide an accounting to the Treasurer sothat the Treasurer may present a complete financial report at each businessmeeting.

TheTreasurer shall insure that a record of attendance of the club members at theclub functions is maintained.

With theapproval of the President, the Treasurer may authorize one or more club membersto handle admission at a club function.

TheTreasurer will prepare an annual report and submit it to the incoming ExecutiveBoard at the changeover meeting. The Past President will appoint a financialreview committee of at least two members to verify the current financialbalance. The balance shown in the Treasurer's annual report must match thebalance shown in the most recent bank statement excluding any outstanding checksand monies in any petty cash fund. An audit statement identifying the balanceshown in the Treasurer's annual report, the date and balance shown in the mostrecent bank statement, any outstanding checks, the amount in any petty cashfund and stating that the two members verified to their satisfaction thefinancial condition of the club treasury will be presented to the new Board inconjunction with turning over the finances to the new Treasurer.

At thebeginning of the year, the Treasurer shall supply the Secretary with a list ofmembers who have paid their annual dues, and update the list monthly at theBoard meetings

E: Club Chairperson

The Club Chairpersonis responsible for the comfort and well being of club members and guests at allclub level events. This responsibility includes but is not limited to:

1. careof the hall,

2.refreshments and door prizes,

3. storeand maintain club equipment used at these activities (coolers, urns,decoration, etc.).

4.assist and supervise committees (e.g. club dance host committees)

5.unlock/open and close/secure dance hall for both setup and dances

Equipmentstorage must be tailored to accommodate the use of the equipment (item 3) forthe class program.

The ClubChairperson will propose the committee organization to the Executive Board, andupon approval will be assisted by the Secretary and the President in staffingthe committees.

TheTreasurer will authorize advances and payments as necessary and the ClubChairperson will give the Treasurer a monthly income and expense report andreconcile petty cash funds.

F: Class Chairperson

The Class Chairpersonis responsible for the planning and operation of the new dancer program for thecurrent year. This responsibility includes but is not limited to:

1. classhost,


3.teaching the new dancers those aspects of square dancing other than thematerial covered by the caller: such as badges, banner raids, etc.,

4.provide temporary badges for new dancers; then upon graduation, coordinate withthe Secretary to obtain club membership badges,

5.recruitment of angels,

6. careof the hall,

7. assistand supervise committees (e.g. workshop host committees).

TheClass Chairperson will propose the committee organization to the ExecutiveBoard, and upon approval, will be assisted by the Secretary and the Presidentin filling the committee.

TheClass Chairperson will also be responsible for fun nights, escorting the newdancers to class level dances, and class dance parties and graduation.

TheClass Chairperson will arrange with the Treasurer to make a detailed cashreconciliation on at least a monthly basis, will coordinate promotionrequirements with the Publicity Chairperson, and will make appropriatearrangements with the Club Chairperson for use of club equipment.

G: Banner Chairperson

The Banner Chairpersonis responsible for the banner exchanges with other clubs. This responsibilityincludes but is not limited to:

1.planning and coordinating banner raids/retrievals,

2.obtaining members support for banner trips to other clubs,

3. helpingmembers get to other clubs (such as leading car pools),

4.maintaining and issuing the club's banners to raiding clubs,

5.maintaining and returning the banners obtained from other clubs.

H: Publicity Chairperson

The PublicityChairperson is responsible for the promotion of the Border City Squares and itsactivities. This responsibility includes but is not limited to:

1.publishing the club newsletter,

2.submitting news releases to the media,

3.managing the advertising program with the Northeast Square Dance Magazine,

4.coordinating with the Club Chairperson, Class Chairperson, and BannerChairperson regarding promotional needs.

5.maintain the club web site.

The PublicityChairperson may form a Publicity Chair committee made up of one or more clubmembers to assist in these responsibilities.

I: Past President

The Past President shall receiveall financial records at the changeover meeting of the board. The records shallbe audited by two club members selected by the Past President.

SECTION 3: Executive Board

The elected officers and theimmediate Past President shall constitute the Executive Board. Positions on theBoard may be held jointly in order to share the workload. Each position will have one vote on allmatters pertinent to the club. Unless elected to a Board position, the ClubCaller shall be a member of the Executive Board in an advisory capacity only,and may attend meetings as his/her appointments may allow. The Board shall holdmonthly meetings, except during the months of June or July, and whenever elsethe President deems necessary. The duties of the Executive Board shall be toapprove standing committees, dance schedules, callers for club dances andworkshops, hall for dances, and prepare an activity and financial plan for thefollowing year (to be turned over to the incoming Board). Act upon all motionspassed by a majority vote at a regular club meeting and conduct/approve allroutine business of the club. Any vacancy in the Executive Board after theannual election will be filled by a club member appointed by the President andconfirmed by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board. Any member of theExecutive Board absent from three consecutive meetings may be considered forreplacement at the discretion of the Board.


SECTION 1: Term of Office

Officers shall be elected for aterm of one year by the majority vote of the club members attending the annualmeeting. The term of office shall match the dates defined for the membershipyear. If the graduation date for a class of new dancers will occur between June30th and September 1st, the Class Chairperson office willbe held jointly during that time by the outgoing and newly elected ClassChairperson. The outgoing Class Chairperson shall officate at the graduation.If a class of new dancers is started between May 1st and June 30th,the newly elected Class Chairperson is responsible for that class. Between May1st and August 31st, more than one class of new dancersmay be in session hence both the outgoing and newly elected Class Chairpersonwill be in office and be responsible for their respective classes.

No elected officer may serve inthe same office for more than two consecutive years except as stated in the caseof the Class Chairperson, or in the case of appointment to fill a vacantposition.

SECTION 2: Nominations

The Executive Board shall act as a NominatingCommittee and select a complete slate of two or more candidates, if possible,for each of the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer,Club Chairperson, Class Chairperson, Banner Chairperson, and PublicityChairperson. The list shall be made public at least thirty (30) days prior tothe annual meeting. Nominations from the floor will be in order at the annualmeeting.

SECTION 3: Elections

Election of officers will be held at theannual meeting.

SECTION4: Changeover Meeting

Following the election of officers, and asnear as practical to the beginning of the club membership year, the outgoingExecutive Board will meet jointly with the newly elected Executive Board toaffect an orderly transition of responsibilities, club records, monies, etc., andother outstanding business. Theoutgoing President will preside; or the outgoing Vice President in the case ofthe Presidentís absence. All officerspresent (both outgoing and incoming) will have equal votes on all businessconducted.

SECTION 5: Club Meetings

One general meeting will be held each year;this annual meeting may be combined with workshops, suppers, etc. The annualmeeting of the Board City Squares will be held either April or May, the date tobe selected by the Executive Board. The primary purpose of the annual meetingis the elections of officers, but any appropriate items of business may beacted upon. Special general meetings may be convened by the Executive Board atany time. However, all members in good standing must be notified of the time,place, and the subject at least ten days prior to the meeting. The ExecutiveBoard will call a special general meeting at the request of any eight membersin good standing. The eight members must make their request to the ExecutiveBoard at least four weeks in advance of the requested meeting. The ExecutiveBoard will then assist in scheduling the time and location for the meeting.


SECTION 1: Club Caller

The club caller shall teach thenew dancer lessons. The Club Caller shall be chosen by the Executive Board andthe appointment confirmed by a majority vote of the club members at the annualor special meeting. Following the acceptance by the club, the Club Caller shallbe a member of the Executive Board in an advisory capacity. The Club Caller andspouse shall hold honorary memberships in the club and shall not be required topay dues.

SECTION 2: AdmissionCharges

Charges for admission to newdancer and/or club functions will be established by the Executive Board andcollected by the Treasurer or person(s) designated by the Treasurer. Specialincentive plans for admission to dances, workshops and/or any other clubfunctions may be established by the Executive Board at their discretion. Byvirtue of his/her required presence and work at club functions, the Treasurershall be exempted from admission charges. This exemption also applies to theChairperson of the Club or Class committee or his/her representative.

SECTION 3: BylawsRevisions and Amendments

Proposed amendments to thesebylaws may be forwarded in writing to the Executive Board by any member of theclub. Upon approval by the Executive Board, the proposed amendment/revision andtime and place of a special general meeting shall be advertised to all members.Approval by a majority vote of the members present will amend/revise thesebylaws. The club President shall appoint a Bylaws committee every three yearsto review the club bylaws for relevancy to the current club membership andrecommend such amendments/revisions as they feel necessary.

SECTION 4: Club Dissolution

If for any reason the club isdissolved, all funds that remain will be given to the "Crotched MountainRehabilitation Center" as shown on the incorporate papers on file with theNew Hampshire Secretary of State.