Directions to Wolf Rockers in Mason NH

Click Here is to see location of the Town Hall using MapQuest

Take Route 130 West through Hollis and Brookline just as you would to go to Parkers Maple Sugar Barn. Signs to Parkers are in Brookline and show that you cross Route 13. Continue past Parkers and look for the sign on the Right. Turn Right towards Mason and continue past the Town garage to Route 123. Turn Right to go North on Route 123 to the center and the Town Hall. Click on the Map below.

Overview Map

Overview Map to Mason



DIRECTIONS (edited) - From the Nashua Mall  DISTANCE
1: Go West on Route 130 (Broad Street)   5.0 miles  
2: Go straight across Route 122 in Hollis center   5.3 miles
3: Bear slight Left at the fork in Brookline at the Parker Maple Sugar Barn sign.   0.1 miles
4: Go straight across Route 13 and continue following the signs to Parkers.   0.5 miles
5: Continue past Parkers and turn Right at the sign to Mason.   5.0 miles
6: Turn Right and go North on Route 123 towards Mason center.   1.5 miles
7: The Town Hall is on the Right where Route 123 meets Meeting House Road.   0.1 miles
 40 minutes   17.5 miles

NOTE: Another route is to go 101A to 101 to 31 South to 123 South. Requires about 50 minutes.
It's about 20 miles to the junction of Route 101 and Route 31 South (turn off to Mason).
It's about 30 miles to the junction of Route 31 and Route 123 in Greenville.
It's about 40 miles to the Mason Town Hall.