Directions to the Tech Squares in Cambridge MA

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Take Route 3 South to Route 95/128 North. Take Exit 35 to Route 93 South. Take Exit 26 to Storrow Drive.

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Overview Map

Overview Map to Hampton

DRAFT: Miles are a guess.

DIRECTIONS (edited) - From the Nashua Mall  DISTANCE
1. Get on US-3 (EVERETT TURNPIKE) South towards BOSTON.   0.6 miles
2. Go South on US-3 to Route 95/128.   25.7 miles
3. Go North on I-95/128 to Exit 37A   6.0 miles
4. Go South on Route 93 towards Boston   10.0 miles
5. Take Exit 26, "Storrow Dr./N. Station" then soon after the exit, move to the left lane ? miles
6. When the road splits, stay Left and drive under the "Cars Only" sign, following the signs for "Back Bay/Storrow Dr." ? miles
7. When the road splits again, stay Left again, following the signs for "Government Center/Kendall Square". ? miles
8. Turn Right at the 1st blinking light, follow the signs for Cambridge/Memorial Drive. Takes you over the Longfellow Bridge ? miles
9. Immediately at the end of the bridge (before you reach any traffic lights), turn Right, following a sign for Rt 3 N, and cloverleaf onto Memorial Drive West. ? miles
10. Go straight on Memorial Dr.  (Ignore signs to turn for Gov't Center or Boston.) 
After 3/4 of a mile, stay straight even though much of the road forks off to the left. 
? miles
11. At the flashing light, turn Right onto Mass. Ave.  Then make the 1st Left, onto Amherst St. ? miles
12. Before the road turns left, you'll see the entrance for the Kresge parking lot straight in front of you.  (A sign on the guard station at the entrance says MIT permits only, but you don't need a permit in the evening.)  Park here. ? miles
13. Walk out the far end of the parking lot, turn Right and follow the sidewalk, keeping the round building on your right.  After going up six steps, the Student Center is the five-story concrete building ahead on the left.  The address is 84 Mass. Ave.  We dance on the second floor. ? miles
 56 minutes   45.0 miles