Directions to Single Squares in Woburn MA

Click Here is to see location of St. Anthony's Hall using MapQuest

Take Route 3 South to Route 95/128 North. Take Exit 35 to Route 38 North. Go 1.2 miles and the Hall is on the Left.

Overview Map

Overview Map to Hampton


DIRECTIONS (edited) - From the Nashua Mall  DISTANCE
1: Get on US-3 (EVERETT TURNPIKE) South towards BOSTON.   0.6 miles
2: Go South on US-3 to Route 95/128.   25.7 miles
3: Go North on I-95/128 to Exit 35   3.6 miles
4: Take Exit 35 and go North on Route 38 (Main Street)   1.4 miles
 35 minutes   31.3 miles