Directions to Seacoast Region SDC in Hampton NH

Click Here is to see location of Sacred Heart School using MapQuest

Take Route 95 to Exit 1, and go East on Route 107 to Route 1 (Lafayette Road). Turn Left (heading North) on Route 3.8 miles. The Sacred Heart Church is on the Right. The school is behind the church (on Landing Street). Click here to see Map on MapQuest

Overview Map

Overview Map to Hampton


Closeup Map of Hampton

Closeup Map of Hampton





DIRECTIONS (edited) - From the Nashua Mall  DISTANCE
1: Get on US-3 (EVERETT TURNPIKE) South towards BOSTON.   0.6 miles
2: Go South on US-3 to Route 495.   15.0 miles
3: Take the I-495 N exit, exit number 30N, towards LAWRENCE.   1.0 mile
4: Merge onto I-495 N.   30.0 miles
5: Take the I-95 N exit towards PORTSMOUTH NH.   0.8 miles
6: Merge onto I-95 N.   2.0 miles
7: Take the RT-107 exit, exit number 1, towards SEABROOK/KINGSTON.   0.2 miles
8: Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp.   0.1 miles
9: Merge onto NH-107.   0.3 miles
10: Turn LEFT onto US-1.   3.8 miles
 1 hour, 5 minutes   53.8 miles 

NOTE: Taking Route 3/Everett Turnpike North to Route 101 East is about the same distance
and driving time.